Warning: This review contains spoilers so if you’ve watched the series you are good to read on, if you don’t intend to watch or don’t mind spoilers read on. If you don’t like spoilers or plan on watching soon then I guess it’s best you don’t read my review.

Cast: AmyBeth McNulty, Dalila Bela, R.H. Thomson, Geraldine James, Lucas Zumman.

Network: Netflix

Air date: 3rd January 2020

Rating: 9/10

Series: 3

Show summary: The adventures of a young orphan girl living in the late 19th century. Follow Anne as she learns to navigate her new life on Prince Edward Island, in this new take on L.M. Montgomery’s classic novels.

Review: This was my favourite of the three seasons, I think because the world around the kids was changing and the creators of the show really showcased exactly that, their change and growth.

Anne turns 16 and all she dreams about is finding something that connects her to her birth family, this causes sadness through her house but she is determined as always. While in her search bravely goes to her old orphanage for some information. Marilla helps her eventually by sending letters out to anyone that could know something or be related to her, purely in the hope of having a reply.

The sad storylines this season were Mary getting incredibly sick that really set a sad tone in the story as it effected the whole town. I loved how much everyone adored Mary and that they were all there to help her. The other storyline that was sad was Ka’kwet getting taken to the school, the native children were given an opportunity they thought was a gift but it turned out not to be and then once she ran away they were brutal towards her and her people.

Gilbert, Winifred and Anne, the love triangle. Since the beginning Anne and Gilbert were meant to be but this season he moves on to Winifred who he meets through the Doctor he trains with. Gradually through the season you see Anne realising her connection to Gilbert but he’s moved in and the two must figure out for sure to be together or if he’s to be with Winifred.

The start of the suffrage, as Anne realises an injustice she writes an article that sparks fury, questions, independence and sorrow to lots of people in Avonlea. I found it fascinating that it was showcased and in the way it was done too. Everyone was angry with her for what she did until they understood what and why she said what she did and it forced a change in the community.

I honestly loved this series and found it way better than the previous seasons not that they weren’t good they certainly were, for me I just found that this one was more fascinating and interesting to me personally.

Thoughts for next series (what I would love to have seen): I hate that it has been cancelled we need more seasons of this show, I need to see Anne grow up and become an adult, I’m so sad that we won’t get any more of this wonderful world.

I would have loved to have seen Anne & Gilbert blossom into something more they were starting to be what we’d always wanted. I would also have loved to see Bash and Miss Stacy become a couple and spark a whole new element with a mixed raced relationship.

Ka’Kwet and the other native children be saved and given back to their families and Anne’s article getting published in a big newspaper. And of course as we would have been taken into 1900 there would be so many new events that could have been included in the show as they entered the new decade.


3 thoughts on “Anne With An “E” Season 3 – Tv Series Review

    1. That’s exactly why I put a spoiler warning at the top, I didn’t want people to read and get mad at spoilers. But yes I recommend you do watch season 2 and 3 and then you can see what I thought.

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