Everything in the review is based on my opinions during my recent re-watch of Lost, there will be spoilers and heavy ones at that as I’m discussing lots of things. You should by now have watched it as it’s one of the greatest shows ever if not please spend time watching it. I also apologise i wrote a lot but I had lots to discuss and talk about but please do take a read of it. And also when you’ve read my post please let’s have a conversation about the show I’d love to know your thoughts on it all too.

My review: This show is phenomenally made, it’s so intricate and tangled and you have so much to think about, to solve. So much to see, to discover over and over. It’s one of those shows no matter if you’ve watched it once or fifteen times it will always be good, you’ll always discover something new about it, always come up with new ideas of what’s happening, how someone is connected and it’s fascinating.

This rewatch started randomly and I am so happy that it did as I’ve enjoyed seeing it again. I last watched them when they aired on tv, though I confess I didn’t really remember the last few seasons much at all I guess I wasn’t paying attention; or understanding them at the time that’s okay. This time I did and I enjoyed it so much.

I loved the mystery element to the show the most, each characters back story would unlock something for them on the island, it was all interconnected and makes your brain work really hard. Theories form quickly, they changed, they grew, they take a new path, sometimes make you confused when something no longer address up but it’s always fun and always got you thinking and solving.

I liked that the characters were written in a human way, they all had layers, they all had hidden secrets, burdens they carried, they all loved, lost, were scarred and broken. They all needed the island and each other to get by even if conflict got in the way sometimes. When the new characters come into it a new element would be added such as when we got Ben caught in one of Danielle’s nets, he had so much character to get unlocked and it was so interesting, he lead the show to so many new people, new interactions, new mysteries.

The island itself is incredible it seemed to change itself though It didn’t, but it seemed like it did, with new parts of it were being discovered and new secrets about it being found. The hatches all over it with different test subjects as part of it. I loved learning about the hatches and I loved when we were in the ‘70s we saw them being made and the videos for each one getting made that way so fun. I would so have loved more in them, though we got a lot I know, but they were fascinating. Then there is the temple, and Jacobs land and the smoke monsters land all new pieces of information given to us practically at the end of the show which I have so many questions about still. It’s honestly amazing.

The first series opened us up to getting to know the characters, the basic outline of the island. We saw most characters reasons for being on the plane, the paths that they took in getting there. It’s such an incredible season and still stands as my favourite one. It grips you in instantly from the start. Locke and Boone actually exploring together finding hidden secrets that little did they know then would have huge mysteries hidden within. The other islanders starting to be shown, Claire having her baby after being taken by the others not to mention the animals wandering the land that are somewhat unusual for that climate. This season had so much to offer and I loved that so much.

The Hatch is now open, welcome to a whole new storyline and a whole new world to discover. Along with one of my favourite characters Desmond coming into it. The start of the testing will you type in the cursed number and press the button every time and what the true consequences will be if you don’t. Meeting with the other half of the plane though I hated Ana-Lucia, I did like that we got new characters to discover and that they joined the main group. Ben getting trapped and being caught was good I loved being introduced to his character he knew so much and you wanted to solve his mystery of who he really was and all he knew from the island, luckily you got more in later seasons. Then the hatch is blown up thanks to Eko but then we get the start to the other island with Jack, Kate & Sawyer being Kidnapped.

The animal cages my goodness what a start to the series seriously? Who would think of this storyline? It’s so creative and unique and all part of Dharma initiatives testing. Jack has to save Ben’s life though he doesn’t want too. Juliette is introduced yeay, she helps Kate and Sawyer go free, only that gets her in trouble but Jack saves her and they all go back to the main island. Desmond had started seeing predictions of bad things that were happening, there was news of a boat coming that he thought must be Penny’s. He and Charlie find a new hidden underwater bunker that they needed to turn off for the communications to work but things go very south while under there. And then we are left with the groups separating in half over the boat Locke’s group and Jacks group.

Then as we meet season 4 we are met with Daniel, Miles, Charlotte and Frank who came on Widmore’s boat they got scattered as they fell and have to find each other. Unlocking more questions about why they were truly there. We are mostly given storyline off the island in a future where Jack, Sun, Kate, Aaron, Hurley and Sayid have been freed and the events unfold that shows the life they are now living since the island. Locke being a leader with Ben at his side, being enticed by Jacob and his words to Locke. Though when those on the boat come to collect Ben it gets nasty as they blow up houses and shoot Alex and her family. And we get to see the group that left leaving after the boat goes kaboom. We also get Desmond reunited with his Penny and the island is on the move thanks to Ben.

The island is on the move, hopping through time causing Charlotte to become sick. The only time the island stops moving is when Locke does what Jacob asked originally and he moved the island and go recruit those that left to come back. Those on the island are now stuck in the ‘70s working for Dharma building the hatches and leading them. Juliette and Sawyer are in a happy relationship, literally everything was great for them living in that era. Locke struggles to bring them all back, Ben pretty much has to take over in order for anything to go right. Locke is now dead and Daniels evil mother helps them recreate what happened in order for them to get back. Daniel discovers a plan to avoid any of the events happening but his mother kills him leaving it on everyone else to solve but blowing up the hatch before it was built doesn’t really go how they expected and nothing as they expected happened. Why would it ever do as they want right? Did they never learn? And lastly we see a glimmer at Jacob who he really was and the fated destiny that they would join him one day, oh and dead Locke kills him.

Jacob is dead, the smoke monster is on the loose as Locke, the blast failed and they are still on the island as they had left it, Juliette died in Sawyers arms. Hurley is spoken to by a dead Jacob who wants them to be protected by the temple. We are lead into the smoke monster free zone guarded by Jacob however when they arrive and tell him of his death panic arises. They all spilt up not all wanting to be in the Temple. Locke monster wants to get off the island, Widmore and his team have arrived on the island and have Desmond with them as he can do what no other has done. We get Jacobs true origin story of how he began to the care for the island, we see Richards storyline and why he has eternal life, both of which were fascinating. We also saw the results for the blast and what the life would have been if they were never on the island and Desmond being the one that knew the real reason, of what really happened and having to unlock their minds, gate to them together to end it all. The closing of the island and the story of why they were really there comes to life and together they are dead.

I really loved this show and it’s creativity, I loved getting to the final season to get the answers. I loved the smoke monster storyline, it was an intriguing part of the show from season 1 and then to see it transform, to see Locke as it was so interesting and a twist for sure. The actors were all so incredibly talented and each one worked so well together. I honestly don’t have any faults with the show and am still unsure how anyone made this show work, the concept is so detailed and intense and intricate that it’s hard to believe that it was so good but it was and I’ll definitely watch this show over and over.

The Ending: For me I loved the ending and don’t honestly understand what people don’t like about it. It made perfect sense to me to go down that path, it was hinted from very early on that they were dead, then there were many hints that they were in a sort of limbo place in between. So to me it only naturally makes sense for it to be how it was. Then we have the last season with Jacob and his brother, it was a sort of Cane & Able story and really was biblical which again there were many hints at bible storylines through the whole show. It was a very good ending with them all remembering, them all being in that beautiful church that had symbols for all religions which was really cool to see. Jack being the focus and the last one to get it, to understand that it’s time to move on now, that he was really dead. It was a beautiful cleverly made ending and I loved it and wouldn’t change it. But I know for some reason most hate it, or don’t understand it at all, but you gotta understand it from very early in rather than the last episode for the ending to make sense.

Favourite Character: Juliette, I loved Juliette she was a sweet caring character that got given what she thought was the dream job and got forced to do something she hated and couldn’t leave to see her sister but through it all no matter how broken or heartbroken she was selfless and caring. When they had the boats and the helicopter to leave she made sure she was on the last one (though it didn’t happen) but she wanted everyone else safe. Then when she was with Sawyer all she ever wanted for him was the best, for him to be happy and loved. She was an incredible character with so much to offer. I wish she’d had more storyline will talk about that further down.

Favourite couple: I have 2, Juliette & Sawyer and Hurley & Libby. And neither got given the happy ever after they deserved.

For Hurley and Libby they had so little time together it breaks my heart. I was so happy for him when he had someone to love him and I hate that he didn’t remember her from the mental institute but they were so cute and so happy it wasn’t fair they didn’t get a bigger storyline of their romance nor did it last long enough before Michael was an ass and killed her.

For Juliette and Sawyer seriously how can you not ship them? They were perfection he loved her so deeply and she made him a happier, calmer man, the man he always wished he could be but never found a way to be. He made her feel special and loved and important. They had such a beautiful life together in the ‘70s and then everyone came back and had to destroy everything wonderful they’d built.

Look how in love they are


Favourite episode: That’s a tough one and one I haven’t yet been able to answer, some episodes I loved more than others obviously but some episodes I’ve liked one storyline and not the other or I don’t know but I don’t have one episode that stands out as a favourite, what about you? What is your favourite episode?

Favourite Series: 1, 3, 6, 5 , 2 & 4 in that order.

Worst deaths: Juliette hers was utterly cruel and mean and broke me. This run through hers was the one that made me cry and hurt in my heart. Others had been painful but hers was the worst and she did it because she’s a wonderful person, she sacrificed herself and killed herself so that Sawyer could live and carry on. My goodness though it was the saddest and worst and they kept extending hope that maybe she’ll be fine, okay she fell maybe she’ll be okay, oh crap no don’t hit the bomb no no no no no and then she shouts for him and he gets to her and you think he’ll get her out, take her to the temple they can save her but nope he kisses her one last time and she’s gone for good. It was so painful and why did I have to relive it right now writing it out? I guess I like torturing myself with that painful death.

Other deaths I wanna notes though are Boone & Libby I didn’t like either of those two deaths either they were so painful to see.

Character that deserved a bigger storyline: Guess who? Juliette at least in her life before the island so many other characters had a massive amount of story told for her we had 1 where she was recruited for the island and then a glimpse of her as a kid. There was so much more to her back story we didn’t uncover. How she learnt and came across her experiment, her marriage we only saw it end what was it actually like? What about her relationship with her sister we only saw a glimpse of that. I just wish we could have seen more.

Libby also could have done with a bigger storyline too, we never even got her story of why she was in the mental institute or why she was on the plane, why she was in Australia to begin with. It felt like the writers just created her and didn’t care about her anymore so killed her off and left it there. She was there to provide Desmond with a boat and make Hurley have a glimmer of happiness and then to take it away. Such a shame, one whole episode focusing on her would have been something and could have answered a few questions.

Least favourite character: Sayid my goodness did I hate him so much from start to finish, he was irritating, horrible, vile human being and is it wrong I wished he would have just died earlier, I get he his one of the main characters for their story arc and had a higher purpose and blah blah blah but seriously not once did I like him. He was helpful sometimes sure but a good character? A decent character? Nope not at all. He was vile and horrific and I didn’t like him.

I also hated Michael for pretty much the same reasons, he was a horrible and vile character who irritated me. I was happy to have got rid of him and didn’t care for him when he arrived back in Widmores boat. He was such a bad father I was actually kinda happy when Walt burnt his boat the first time, it taught him a lesson.

Least favourite couple: I don’t think I have a least favourite couple per-se I didn’t really like Jack and Kate much nor Kate and Sawyer but that’s just as they were one big mess of jelousy and anger that it’s just didn’t work, but didn’t hate them. I can’t think of a couple I hated really, but some were odd or not the best but I didn’t hate any of them.

Least favourite series: 4 This series was hard to watch it was very confusing and just all round boring to me. I didn’t like the new storyline brought into it or the way they did them it made it hard to follow what was happening. They were suddenly off the island, new people had arrived on the island, there was a helicopter and a boat and it just made no sense watching it to me. It makes more sense later when you watch the last two seasons but at the time I found it so confusing. (and yes this was a rewatch but it’s been so long I cannot remember much from when I watched it previously).

My theories whilst watching: Okay so I had 2 big theories watching this again on what was happening and how it would end or how it could have ended. the first theory I formed in the pilot and it carried on through to the last episode. The second theory is one that I think would have been a clever storyline and one that it could have been and would have made a fun trick ending.

1. Purgatory Island and I really still think it was that as they were on the island being tested, the whole damn thing was one big testing space. They have to pass the test, repent and carry on through which is to me when a character got killed off they had done what was required now move on (other than those brutally murdered). They had to keep being on the island to pass on, they had to have completed every task and finally repented for the sins they’d made. Most that were on the island and had done something wrong. Murder, drugs or alcohol etc so they had things to make up for. And Jacob and the smoke monster were both monitoring and testing everyone to get what they wanted from them, to cross them off their list.

2. They were all part of a mental institute for one reason or another (they all had a purpose they could have been put there or working there.) Locke was playing his board game that was like a strategic game on an island and each of them were there some playing with him. And as it ended they could have shown them together at his table him in his chair and the last storyline being played out with him, Jack, Hurley, Desmond, Sawyer and Kate. It would have been an interesting path they could have gone down.

My still open questions: Where was the temple the whole time? Who built the temple? Why didn’t we get an origin story for the temple and it’s people? How were the kids and other islands in the temple already?

In season 4 when Sun had her baby how was Jin suddenly there? He was buying pandas and running to get to her before the baby was born, what did I miss? this made literally no sense to me even after the other seasons.

Why did Jacobs brother never get a name? And what exactly made him become evil? He was such a nice kid but then as the smoke monster he did so much evil it’s a shame but something within him made him that way. And the truest question of them is which brother was truly evil Jacob or Smoke brother? They both offered good and bad traits, they both did acts that were both good and bad, so who was it truly that was worse?

What questions did you have that never got answered or that you couldn’t piece together to make an answer?

Cast: Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Evangeline Lilley, Josh Holloway, Terry O’Quinn, Elizabeth Mitchell, YunJin Kim, Naveen Andrews, Daniel Dae Kim, Emilie DeRavin, Michael Emerson and Henry Ian Cusick.

Created by: J.J Abrams, Jeffrey Lieberman & Damon Lindelof

Overall Rating: 10/10

Seasons: 1-6

Years it Ran: 2004- 2010


If you got to the bottom I applaud you and thank you graciously for reading all I had to say about the show, my opinions, my thoughts. You are a wonderful human being so now let’s talk about it in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Lost My Rewatch & Opinions

    1. Thank you so so much. 🧡 oh my Sawyer and Juliette heart they are perfect together we needed way more of them together. Thank you for that compliment I really appreciate it, I worked so hard on getting it written up perfectly it took me so long and I wanted to cover so many areas. And you totally need to rewatch it again. 💜💜


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