Title: A Kite At The Edge of the World

Author: Katy Grant

Publisher: Yearning Press, BooksGoSocial

Pages: 155

Genres: Middle Grade, Children’s Fiction, Historical

Format: Ebook

Rating: 5/5

Release Date: April 1st 2020


Where to Buy: Amazon USA, Amazon UK

Summery: It had been a great day. Perhaps the Best Day…

A seaside village many years ago.

A boy makes a new friend who says he has always wanted to come to the seashore. This is his last wish, to see where the world ends and the blue begins—because he is dying.

“Then we should do something fun today,” the younger boy announces. Fun! With all the doctors and hospitals, there’s been little time for fun. But what should they do?

Flying a kite is great fun on a windy day. But first they must make their kite. And they’ll need supplies. And the money to buy them. And they will have to get around all the grown-ups who might stand in their way.

And so this never-to-be-forgotten day begins.

This is a story of friendship. Of first loss. And of seizing the day.

Review: This book is perfect, it’s written phenomenally telling the hard story of death, but with it tells a beautiful story of life long lasting friendship.

From the start of this story meeting our protagonist as an older man recalling a summer many many years ago in his past, I knew it was going to be a sweet story. He was such a shy boy but he had the courage to make a friend, without realising it he granted friendship to a boy who desperately needed it.

The friendship was wonderfully written, they were two very different boys but they balanced each other perfectly, Ilio’s illness didn’t impact the way they were together, the boys had so much fun on the adventure to find the money and materials for the kite and what fun it was reading all they were up too. Even after Ilio got weaker their friendship never wavered they spent what time they could together and made sure they had fun.

I found the questions arisen in this book interesting they were very philosophical and deep, I loved the addition of these questions being raised and done in the natural way kids talk to each other whilst playing, not approached in a scary or intimidating way. It makes for a great lead up to get kids thinking themselves whilst reading and gives parents, teachers etc an opportunity to discuss topics that aren’t always easy to approach so I highly applaud author Katy Grant for including them in this book.

The part that had me weeping my goodness, I knew it was coming from the second we are told by Ilio he is sick but I feel like I wasn’t prepared at all even though I did know it was coming. The emotions portrayed, the beautifulness in the sorrow, the natural cycle people go through whilst in grief were written perfectly.

I am so impressed with this book, I thought by the description I would like it, but I was wrong as I loved it. I can’t fault this book, it’s flawless, it’s heartbreaking, it’s beautiful, it’s expressive and it shows real people going through real emotions and real pains in life. It’s a book I would read again and again and I know I would cry every time. It’s just so wonderfully written.

Thank you so much to NetGalley, Katy Grant & Yearning Press for having this book available as a read now book to read and review.

About The Author: Katy Grant grew up in Tennessee and wanted to be a writer by the time she was eight years old. So she spent countless hours reading while other, more well-rounded children took up the guitar or played volleyball. She received an MA in liberal arts from the University of Oklahoma, and a BA in literature from Arizona State University, neither of which equipped her for life in the real world. She somehow wrote her first novel while raising a toddler who fortunately napped a lot. (He was driving by the time she finally published that novel.) She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and various pets, and she enjoys spending time with her two adult sons.

Authors Official Site


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