Warning this blog contains heavy spoiler for season 3 so if you’ve not watched it yet please go watch it. If you are reading this and haven’t watched just know you will find out spoilers heavily.

Title: Alexa & Katie

Cast: Paris Berelc, Isabel May, Tiffani Theissen, Eddie Shin, Emery Kelly, Jolie Jenkins, Finn Carr

Network: Netflix

Air date: 30th December

Certification: PG

Episode Length: 25mins

Episodes to Season: 8

Creator: Heather Wordham

Rating: 10/10

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Series: 3 (part A)


Show summary: Lifelong best friends Alexa and Katie are eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school. The pals confront a crisis that leaves them feeling like outsiders at a time when what seems to matter most is fitting in.

Review: I’m gonna start by saying this is one of my favourite shows, I loved it since it first aired and the girls friendship is so wonderful, I’m always excited at a new season.

This season killed me, I honestly broke for the girls they had such an awful and difficult time. Their friendship even wavered as they were so heavily disconnected to what was going on with each other and the support and love they needed from each other. There were still some incredibly funny scenes there always are, and there were new characters, plus characters that seemed to have changed such as Gwenny, and it had the same tone the show has followed since the start but for me I just found this season sadder than normal.

Alexa’s storyline oh my gosh considering everything she was incredibly strong. She thought her cancer scare was over done with, and then it wasn’t she still had to have more check ups and more things to worry about for her after care, a thing she thought was finally over. Then she meets Spencer and helps him with his cancer, doing what she did takes courage she was such an incredible friend to him. Then it came to school work and college essays and all everyone wanted her to do was write about her cancer but there was more to her than that so I get why she didn’t want to.

Katie’s storyline her mental health this season was obvious from episode one, I hate that Alexa didn’t pick up on it. Katie is so worried she won’t get a scholarship to college if her grades aren’t perfect or she does pass her exams that she ends up not doing the things she loves such as being the lead in the school play. She hears from her friends how they pad out their applications by doing extra volunteer work or having higher responsibilities at work and she feels she needed to do that too. Then the exams come that she’d been studying overboard for and this is what killed me she had a panic attack.

This season was heartbreaking it really was, the girls really lost touch with each other for a while, Katie had such a decline in her mental health and I just wanted to shout at Alexa to open her eyes and help Katie but it took her until the very last episode to truly notice how much Katie was struggling. With Alexa and her going through the cancer issues again but with her friend and how much that was effecting her made me want Katie to notice and to help her, talk to her about it, reassure her. The girls relationship though had its good parts too this season just wasn’t quite the same.

I should also speak about the family Katie’s mom dating or rather trying to not date but wanting to date was really funny, and the gag of Lucas and the smell whilst studying for his medical exams that was just so funny. Oh and the Gazebo oh my. So there were certainly some better and more light hearted storylines this season which is always good, it is a comedy after all so I’m glad they still had lots to make you smile and laugh about.

Overall though this season was so sad, dealt with the difficult issues really well though but was sadder and you wanted them to try help each other more. I can’t wait for the second half of this season as we have so much more to explore between these girls friendship. Plus they can’t leave us where they did.


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