Title: The Magic House: The Adventures of Alexander and Sophia

Author: Alan Matkovic

Publisher: Actus In Exspectando, LLC

Pages: 34

Genres: Children’s Fiction, Picture Books, Fantasy, Adventure

Format: Ebook

Rating: 3.5/5


Release Date: October 25th 2017

Where to Buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA

Summary: Twins Alexander and Sophia go on an amazing adventure to a magic house that requires a secret way to enter. Once inside, the children discover seven rooms packed full of delightful, fun surprises. This is a tale celebrating surprise, excitement, life, exploration and the golden years of youth. The playful story is brought to life through page after page of captivating illustrations. The Magic House is recommended for ages 3 to 8 years.

Review: This is a really cute book for young kids, it’s literally like a house of kids dreams. Alexander and Sophia have such a fun day exploring this magical colourful house.

It’s a great book to read with your children to help them open up their imaginations and to dream, this book really opened up a world of wonder that all young kids would enjoy. I loved the twist at the end too I didn’t guess that.

The art work by illustrator Justo Borreo made such beautiful art work of the children and all the magical rooms they entered.

I liked getting to read this super cute book, it was a good quick and fun read.

Thank you to BookSirens for the free ebook to read and review.

About Author: Alan Matkovic grew up on the East Coast in Rockville, Maryland. In his early years, Alan found himself more interested in playing baseball than anything scholastic. It wasn’t until he attended the prestigious Arizona State University, where he majored in history, that he discovered the nourishment of books. He fell in love with reading and writing, as well as a beautiful Midwestern girl he luckily met in nutrition class. She later became his wife. Having moved even further west, Alan now lives in Santa Monica, California, with his wife and three inspiring children. Like many parents, Alan began making up bedtime stories for his kids to help them go to sleep, though many times they became a lot more excited than sleepy. Suffice it to say, a few stories were repeatedly requested, and those tales become the groundwork for The Amazing Adventure series. The first edition of the series, The Magic House, was published in October 2017. Currently, there are two more books in the Adventure series. Alan enjoys working, writing, producing and, of course, exploring with his children. Life is an adventure, why not make it fun and interesting.

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