I am one of those people that will sometimes start one book and then pick up and read another one. I like and prefer to start and finish a book in one run but sometimes I just cannot. I’ve had books I read sporadically and can sometimes take me a couple years to even finish.

This is my current list of books I’m am in the middle of reading, they are all physical books.

I am about 60% done with this book it’s so good, but the day I was reading it I ran out of time so I just need a free couple hours and this interesting book will be completed. I even left it at a cliffhanger so that’s making me really wanna pick it back up.

This book I was expecting to be so excited and instantly be on a rush with pirates finding treasure, I read a few chapters and then stopped reading. I know that this will get better, that they will start going to treasure island so I will pick this up again soon.

I started reading this one when I was sick and couldn’t sleep, I’m not a night reader but when I’m sick and cannot relax I tend to read something fun and easy. So I do want to finish this as it was interesting and fun. So I need to try and pick it back up.

Ugh Peter Pan is my nemesis, seriously I have picked this book up 5 separate times since I started reading this and every time I am bored, fed up and practically banging my head on the wall. I haven’t yet started to like it enjoy this book. As it is a classic I will finish it even if it takes me 3 years like Little Women did, it shall be read completely.

Wind in the Willows I just couldn’t vision the story while reading it, so stopped. I will certainly finish it and hopefully can understand what’s going on a bit more and be able to vision these characters. Either way I will finish it one day.

So that is the list of books I have currently started and am trying to get finished soon, if I can. As soon as they are done a review will be up for each book. And I may even start a whole new one we shall see.


4 thoughts on “Currently Reading Books

  1. I don’t force myself to finish books I don’t enjoy anymore. Especially when there are SO many other books out there I would enjoy. I didn’t care for little women. I thought I would love it but just found it tedious and meh. Lol

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    1. I’m glad you didn’t like Little Women either, most people love it but it was awful. Yes there really are so many books out there to be read, I don’t force myself with regular books but for classics I just want to read them even if they are next to impossible to get through.

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