Title: Ghost Town

Series: The Z Team

Author: D. E Daly

Publishers: West 44

Format: Ebook

Pages: 64

Genres: Middle Grade, Paranormal, Mystery

Rating: 4/5


Release Date: December 1st 2019

Where To Buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Book Depository

Summary: The Z Team sets up their headquarters in Malik’s basement. They get an application for a new member, Raven. Raven is really cool, but there’s something strange about her. Together, they investigate the ghostly happenings around Bridgeside. Who has come to town this time on the Eerie Express?

Thank you to West 44 Books for sending me an ebook to review through NetGalley of Ghost Town written by D.E. Daly

Review: This is a perfect quick read it’s got great characters, lots of mystery and most of all Ghosts and Vampires. I really liked trying to solve what was going on in their town whilst reading and meeting their newest team member Raven who had shown up from out of town really wanting to hunt the supernatural with them.

It was a good read and I certainly loved that they were all a good united team. The end of the book also opened up for the next book in the series which I’m looking forward to reading. It’s a fantastic book series for young readers wanting to get into supernatural stories that won’t scare or give them nightmares. It’s light and happy but has enough of the creepy stuff too.


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