Title: A World Full of Spooky Stories:50 Tales to make your Spine Tingle

Author: Angela McAllister

Publishers: Quarto Publishing & Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Format: ebook

Pages: 128

Genres: Folk Tales, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure, Short Stories, Mythology

Rating: 4/5


Release Date: September 3rd 2019

Where To Buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Wordery, Book Depository

Summary: Get ready for Halloween with this child-friendly collection of spooky stories from all over the world.

Feel your pulse race and your skin tingle as you read about the fearsome witch Baba Yaga, the serpent woman from Spain, the rescue of Tam Lin from the bewitching Queen of the Fairies, how Father Death gets caught in the Enchanted Apple Tree, and the waterdwelling Bunyip from Australia. Make sure you have your candle ready as it’s sure to be a long night… This gorgeous gift book is the perfect anthology for Halloween, or any time you want to be spooked!

Features stories from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Africa, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India, UK, Canada, France, China, Ireland, Syria, Korea, Sweden, Egypt, Iceland, New Zealand, Arabia, Spain, Tibet, Iran, Greece.

I was granted a wish on NetGalley by Quarto Publishing to read and review an ebook of A World Full of Spooky Stories Written by Angela McAllister.

Review: I really enjoyed reading this, it was filled with so many unique and interesting short stories set all over the world, including different cultures within the stories. The layout of the book was really fun as each section of the book was categorised from Into The Woods to Frozen Lands and many others.

No two stories within the book were similar which made me happy as sometimes fairy tale/ folk tale/ short story books like this can be repetitive and that can make reading the hard at times, but luckily with this book it wasn’t and it was a very fascinating read.

There were many illustrations by Madalina Andronic throughout the whole book, each story had bright and colourful pictures showing you the story you were reading. Each new section of the book had a beautiful title page showing you what may lay ahead in that section.

I really loved that I got given the chance to read this book and found so many new and interesting stories from around the world. I think that many children and parents would enjoy reading this together, plus anyone that enjoys a good folk tale would also enjoy getting to read these stories of many cultures and eras.

About Author: Angela McAllister is an award- winning author of over eighty books for children, including picture books, junior fiction, non-fiction and novels. Her work has been adapted for the stage and is widely used in schools. It has been translated into more than twenty languages. She lives in the south of England


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