Title: When I am Anxious Moses and Other Stories

Series: God Cares

Author: Debbie Duncan

Publishers: Lion Hudson Books and Candle Books

Format: Ebook

Pages: 64

Genres: Religious, Non-Fiction, Children’s, Mental Health.

Rating: 5/5


Release Date: 17th April 2020

Where To Buy: Amazon UK, Book Depository

Summary: A chapter book retelling the story of Moses, who felt anxious about being called to lead a nation out of Egypt with additional related snippets from other Bible stories. But God cares, providing constant reassurance and support through others around him. A reassuring story to help older children reflect and talk to people they trust about when they feel uncertain, and the support they need to build their confidence, including from God The ‘God cares’ series provides a Biblical approach to discussing emotions and behaviour with children to nurture an attitude of wellness. Children at different ages approach things differently in their stages of emotional development, so this series works at two different levels: illustrated Readers aimed at 5-7 year olds and Chapter books aimed at 8+ years. Please note that children progress at different reading abilities and stages of emotional development so the age ranges are only a guide for parents and carers. The Bible stories are retold reflecting on the emotions and encourages children to discuss and relate this within their situations. Sections at the back provide a reflective space for children and practical advice for parents and carers.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Lion Hudson for sending me an e-arc copy of this book to read and review.

Review: What an amazing read, I loved the way this was written, you were getting the biblical story of Moses told in an easy to read way but at each section you were also given questions, a thought or a way to connect your emotions and his together.

I love how the author was detailing the story in a mental health capacity to show that even the beloved people in the bible stories had these problems, that they struggled and had to learn, grow and adapt to their mental health.

I enjoyed reading the additional story inserts that connected to what was going on in the Moses story and how these people had the same difficulties to over come, and how in God they did.

This book is a wonderful read for anyone that wants to teach about God, believes in God or is trying to find an easy and relatable way of teaching and starting a thorough discussion for mental health difficulties that may be happening. The book provides many thinking points at the end, and sections to fill in and write down ideas, questions or feelings.

In this particular book it deals with Anxiety and how Moses was scared and too anxious to do what God had asked him to do. He’d tried and failed on his own once and never wanted to do it again for fear had grown inside him. Then God asked for a big help and he had to overcome that with the guidance and help from God and his brother to achieve what was asked, that meant he had to fight through his strong anxiety.

I really enjoyed this book and would be interested in more stories written the way this was.

About Author: Debbie Duncan is an advanced nurse practitioner and lecturer in nursing; a church leader and minister’s wife. She is married to Malcolm and has a busy family life that includes being mum to their four grown up children. The family is ever growing with weddings and engagements! She is an author of over 50 professional nursing journal articles and two text books in nursing. She co- author of Life lines with Cathy Le Feuvre- a novel of emails between friends. She has also written ‘The art of daily resilience’ and ‘Brave’, courage through the seasons of our lives published by Lion Monarch. Debbie writes on a range of issues that often reflect her professional life and personal faith. With an MSC in strategic leadership and expert practice, lead nurse in the NHS for many years and church leader she is in a good position to write Gifted.


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