This post may have some spoilers though as this is a reality show the things talked about can be found out easily. Still if you’ve not watched the show and plan on it spoilers can be annoying so here is your warning.

Title: Bringing Up Bates

Network: Up Family TV (I watched through Amazon Prime TV)

Start Air date: 1st January 2015

Certification: U

Episode Length: 1hr for Specials, 25 Mins Regular

Genre: Reality TV, Family, Religious

Series: 1-8

Rating: 9/10


Show Summary: This family based reality program follows Gil and Kelly Jo who are raising their 19 children with Love, Humor, and Christian values. No matter the situation, the family faces it together.

Review: Before I go into detail on my review I’m going to make a point of stating this isn’t a show everyone will enjoy, it’s premise is the big family, their religion and how they live their lives. So to some people this doesn’t appeal to them and that’s okay everyone is different, lives differently and enjoys watching different types of things.

So I originally watched the first series of this when it aired, but then couldn’t find out where to watch them over here in the UK, which made me sad but I then found out I could access them through Amazon Prime TV so I did and I binged all that were available.

I love watching this family I find them so fun, the children are so chaotic and full of life. The family always has something planned whether they are throwing a party such as a baby shower, wedding shower, I love you day, birthday or a holiday there’s always a party; or going on a visit to family that’s moved away, or to have a trip or vacation somewhere or watch something one of the kids are doing. Never is there nothing for the family to do. So the episodes and always full of fun and entertaining.

It was fun watching the entire seasons of the show all together as you really see just how much all the kids have grown, getting to watch as they grew up, finished school, choosing what they wanted to do next in their lives,started falling in love, getting married and seeing all the new babies being born.

Okay now to point out some of my favourite parts, I love Evan and Carlin what a sweet couple seriously and his courtship proposal I didn’t think he could top it off when he proposed engagement but it was still so beautiful. I actually cried a bit watching how gorgeous the whole thing was.

I loved the I love you day celebrations it’s such a wonderful and sweet way to do it, I love that the kids get to buy for one family member and seeing how much thought the kids put into it and the reactions as they open them it’s so precious. I also loved seeing the different themes each year and who out wins the other. What everyone dressed up as and seeing the entire family together, they are probably my favourite episodes each season.

Its crazy and fun how competitive they all were with each other no matter what they were such as making ice cream, or playing a sport, learning something new they found a way to be competitive no matter what they were doing and especially if Lawson was around it was certain to be a competition to determine who was going to win. But even though things were made into competitions they were never rude or angry if they lost which was always nice to see and a good example then to the younger ones.

I love how big the family is and how much it grew over the seasons, for me big families have always been something I personally wanted and something I’ve always adored and admired so I think that’s one of the reasons all those years ago I was drawn to the family. Even so it’s still wonderful seeing how much they love and support each other, how they welcome new members to join the family and continue growing it. I really enjoy getting to watch this family and their lives.

As stated above I don’t think this is for everyone and the element of religion is sometimes off putting to non-religious people, however I think even if you aren’t religious it’s okay to watch and enjoy it as it’s not pushed upon you while watching. They believe and they showcase that belief but it isn’t constantly there, they are a pretty regular but large family in Tennessee, so if you are interested in watching it’s a really fun and entertaining show. With 19 children with the youngest at 2 (in the first season I believe) there was always something interesting, funny or entertaining happening each episode.


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