Title: Like A Girl: Athlete

Author: April Peter

Illustrator: Daniel Shneor

Publishers: Indie

Format: ebook

Pages: 38

Genres: Picture Books, Sports, Educational, Children’s

Rating: 4/5


Release Date: 8th February 2020

Where To Buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA

Summary: Meet Allie the Athlete! An awesome woman athlete who dominates the hockey rink.

In this great book we meet Allie. Describing in a colorful and fun way her daily tasks, while encouraging young girls to seek whatever life goal they dream about when they grow up.

Filled with vibrant eye-catching illustrations. Allie presents herself using show-and-tell., giving us a glimpse into her amazing job and how she runs a successful clinic.

Like A Girl: Allie The Athlete presents young girls with a talented role model which encourages gender positivity. Using creative descriptions and colorful artwork, the book lays out a variety of day-to-day tasks from her active career, describing how she eats healthy, trains every day with her team, travels to important competitions and wins medals.

Allie is an inspiring hockey player that gives us a behind the scenes tour to her gymnasium.

Thank you so much to booksprout and April Peter for the ebook copy to read and review.

Review: I love this book and is one of my favourites of the series teaching young girls of different sports that they could do is a certain yes to me. As sport is still primarily a male orientated area it’s wonderful to see a book showcasing that girls can do it.

Allie who is a hockey player shows exactly what it takes to play, from the exercise and warm ups that are required, to her eating and sleeping routines. She shows how important team work is and other sports they can do together.

I really enjoyed this book and I love this series it’s so educational, so much fun, so inspirational and so perfect to read with your young daughters. Plus they always have the fun cut outs to print and play with.

About Author: April Peter is a prolific illustrator and cartoonist turned children’s books writer. In 2017 she converted her successful animated short “Ann Can’t Sleep” and self-published it as an illustrated Kindle and paperback bedtime story for preschoolers.

After spending years creating entertaining and educational content for children of all ages, Aprli Peter is now busy working on expanding the Ann series and turning it into a successful and valuable brand of inspirational rhyming bedtime stories.

April also collaborates with her partner Daniel Shneor on his illustrated book series “Meg & Rob’s Witch Tricks”.



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