Title: Nanea: The Spirit of Aloha

Author: Kirby Larson

Publishers: American Girl

Format: Ebook

Pages: 144

Genres: Middle Grade, Historical, War, Friendship

Rating: 4/5


Release Date: 27th August 2019

Where To Buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Book Depository

Summary: Nine-year-old Nanea may be the youngest in her family, but she still wants to “dip her paddle in” and be useful. She knows she’s grown-up enough to help in her grandparents’ market. But before she can prove that she’s ready for more responsibility, the unthinkable happens: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, the naval base where her father works, and America is at war! With friends and family missing, and rumors of more attacks to come, Nanea worries―will life ever be the same again?

Review: This book was incredibly well made, so much thought went into creating Nanea’s story. It was emotional, beautiful, empowering and filled with so much Aloha spirit.

When Nanea thought her only problem in her life was trying to prove she was a grown up her whole life ends up getting turned around and she grows up quicker than she thought she would. As Pearl Harbour gets attacked by the Japanese her whole island is shaken, changed and life isn’t so simple anymore.

Nanea was an incredibly strong and brave young girl who was going through a horrible disaster, she has to find all her courage inside herself to help everyone around her as much as she can. She overcomes many difficulties during this time but remains strong and desperate to show everyone her Aloha.

The story made me cry on one chapter, I honestly didn’t see it coming until it was right there and I felt transported into it as though I was right there. It was hard and it was sad and scary. The way each event was described was incredible, each thing Nanea or her family and friends did to help, each part of the story that you are hoping will turn out okay in the end leaving you on edge until you get the answers.

I really enjoyed reading this book it was a very harrowing story, but it was also filled with so much love and heart. It was really well written and thought out, it showcased so much of the history, including a fun history facts section at the end. It’s an great read and I highly recommend it.

About Author: Kirby Larson went from history-phobe to history fanatic while writing the 2007 Newbery Honor Book, HATTIE BIG SKY. Her passion for historical fiction is reflected in titles such as THE FENCES BETWEEN US, THE FRIENDSHIP DOLL, as well as the sequel to HATTIE BIG SKY, HATTIE EVER AFTER, and her two latest titles, DUKE–which was nominated for 5 state Young Reader Choice awards as well as being a finalist for the Washington State Book Award– and DASH–which has garnered two starred reviews, a NAPPA Gold Award and a Capitol Choices nomination. She will have two new books out in 2016 — watch for them!

In 2006, Kirby began a collaboration with her good friend Mary Nethery resulting in two award-winning nonfiction picture books: TWO BOBBIES: A TRUE STORY OF HURRICANE KATRINA, FRIENDSHIP AND SURVIVAL, and NUBS: THE TRUE STORY OF A MUTT, A MARINE AND A MIRACLE.

Kirby lives in Kenmore, Washington with her husband, Neil, and Winston the Wonder Dog. When she’s not reading or writing Kirby enjoys beach combing, bird watching, and traveling. She owns a tiara and is not afraid to use it.


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