So I think I’ve done better since last month and have gotten some books off my reading list. Some are still hanging around unfinished but I certainly feel like I did better than in previous months.

So the same ones that you saw last time are:

The Wind and the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Caskets of Ice by Kate WJ White

Requiem, Changing Times by RJ Parker

57 Lives of Alex Wayfare by MG Buehrlen

And for the newer books I’ve added to the mix for this month,

Kiki MacAdoo and the Graveyard Ballerinas by Colette Sewall

This is about 50% read so far, it’s so cute and was drawn to it due to the ballet theme but with a slight horror take. Kiki and her sister go to a ballet summer camp, whilst there Kiki finds out about what lives in the woods and of a story of lost ballerinas long ago. I’m enjoying it so far and won’t take me too long to finish it.

The Orphans of St Halibuts by Sophie Wills

I got accepted for this one on NetGalley but haven’t started it yet but will be next week or so. It looks cute, wacky and hilarious. The children at St Halibuts bury their matron but then an inspector is coming to see how things are, that leaves the kids alone to make it all look perfectly fine. I cannot wait to read this one.

Jamestown’s Deliverance by C.A. Gray

As soon as I saw that C.A Gray had uploaded the second book in this series I knew I had to read it. I haven’t started yet but am planning on it soon, I know it won’t take me long, this series is so fun and creative. Read my review here for the first book Christmas Night 1776.

What are you reading currently? How many books have you started but not finished yet? Are you reading multiple books at once?


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