Synopsis: When eleven-year-old Kiki MacAdoo and her talented older sister go to Mount Faylinn Dance Conservatory for the summer, they ignore the brochure’s mysterious warning that “ballets come alive” in the nearby forest.

But after her sister disappears, it’s up to Kiki to brave the woods and save her sister from the ghost sylphs that dance young girls to their deaths. As Kiki unlocks the mysteries of Mount Faylinn, the ballet of the ghost sylphs, Giselle, simultaneously unfolds, sending Kiki on the adventure of a lifetime.

Release Date: 4th August 2020

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure

Pages: 204

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Owl Hollow Press for the E-Arc to read and review.

Review: What a fascinating book, I loved the concept of ghostly ballerinas which is why I had to read this, but it was so much more than that once you start reading it. 

I loved that the characters were realistic to their ages and maturity, that each one was flawed, in particular our protagonist Kiki. She loved ballet but wasn’t that great at it yet, but she worked on it and that’s great that the book showed that. 

Kiki and her sister Alison go away for 3 weeks to ballet summer camp. The conservatory is built around a unique land filled with fairies, mischievous squirrels and so much more. What lurks deep in the woods at night though are the spirits of the dead and heartbroken ballerinas. 

I really loved how this story took you on a really fun adventure, you had a mystery to solve from the first chapter until the very end and it was so much fun. I loved the character developments that took place whilst these adventures were happening. I was hoping for more of a horror theme based on the cover and description but regardless it was still a great read. 

Overall I really enjoyed reading this, it had so much going on in it, the characters were all thought out, the storyline was detailed and incredibly well written and well paced out. It was highly enjoyable and so much fun.


Where to buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Book Depository

About the Author: Colette Sewall is an award-winning writer who spent the majority of her life as a dancer and studio director. Since she’s also worked as a medical assistant, flight attendant, actor, and artist, she believes she’s like a cat with nine lives. She is a direct descendant of Samuel Sewall, one of the judges who presided over the infamous Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 (which can be a bit awkward when she runs into a descendant of one of the accused witches).  She lives on the eastern end of Long Island with her husband and psychic German shepherd, Gracey, and is in desperate need of more bookshelves. When she’s not writing or painting, she’s probably perusing one of her favorite libraries or used bookstores.


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