Synopsis: “Retribution was sure to follow, an unwavering lantern even on the darkest of nights. It would continue to guide them, accompanied by her untiring spirit.”

One thing is true for them all; and what a price to pay-
When they realise the ice caskets, which were once their tomb, are the only thing keeping them alive. 

How far would you go, if you had the power to control your dreams?

Entering lands where things are eerily not what they seem, cannibalistic witches and glowing jade cicadas that bring nothing but misfortune. Where a dream devil wanders the dreamscape collecting souls, building his empire on nothing but fear and death. Beyond the caskets of ice, some doors should remain unopened….

Come closer and listen my dear…
Where do we really go when we fall asleep?

Release Date: 17th April 2020

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Young Adult, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Teen, Horror

Pages: 159

Thank you so much to author Kate W.J. White for the ebook copy to read and review. 

Review: This was a very unique, detailed and imaginative book. If you like a dark fantasy book I think you’ll really love this book. The book takes you into a deep and dark dream world. It is written so vividly and so detailed, every area and aspect of this dream world is covered and explained with lots of passion obvious whilst reading. 

The story takes you through with quite a few points of view which is certainly an area that can get confusion leaving you unsure who exactly you are following at the time, but you can pick it up again and realise who is actually talking. There was so much story to tell, so many characters to follow and the book is pretty short for how much story you could tell the author wanted to share. 

It’s a really well written and interesting book to read, I’ve never read anything quite like this before. The dark dream world, fears of falling asleep and losing family, a dream devil that collects his prise possessions. It was filled with horror themes along with the fantasy world created, but it worked well together to make this unique dark fantasy. 

The book also came with some beautiful illustrations showing the characters which is so fascinating to find in a YA book, it was certainly a nice addition to the story.


Where to buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA

About the Author: Kate is a British teacher & writer. She graduated with a BA in English & American Literature and Creative Writing. Alongside poems which featured as winning entries, she has published a series of Grammar textbooks for those learning English as a second language.

She received a PGDE & Masters in Education and is currently an English Language teacher in Hong Kong. She has released her first novel “Caskets of Ice”. In her spare time you will catch her writing, reading and promoting books as a social media influencer.


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