Synopsis: It’s August 1941 when Sumiko Adachi starts at a new school in Phoenix, Arizona. In spite of her first-day jitters, she finds a friendly face in Emi Kuno. But everything changes after Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, and the United States enters World War II. Suddenly the girls are faced with anti-Japanese sentiment from classmates and neighbors. When an arbitrary dividing line is drawn through Phoenix, the girls find themselves on opposite sides. Can Sumiko and Emi maintain their friendship when one of them is forced into a confinement camp, and the other is allowed to remain free?

It’s the storytellers that preserve a nation’s history. But what happens when some stories are silenced? The I Am America series features fictional stories based on important historical events from people whose voices have been underrepresented, lost, or forgotten over time.

Release Date: 1st January 2019

Format Read: Paperback

Genres: Historical, Muddle Grade, Education

Pages: 160

Review: This book was so sad, poor Sumiko she had to go through so much in this book over the years the war raged on. She went from being a happy normal child, going to school, living on her dads farm to imprisoned for years because of where her heritage came from. She loses so much during her entrapment making her and her family struggle to get through it all. It was an incredibly sad story to read. The cruel injustice of the world is really shown here in this book. 

One thing I wish though for this book was that there was more actual story, most of the book was newspaper articles, diary entries or letters to Emi. They all served a purpose to explain what was going on around her, I didn’t hate them at all they were still very interesting, however I would have just liked a bit more actual story written to go along with them.

I really enjoy this series, they share so much history that isn’t talked about or explained at all. They open your eyes to the truth of what really happened in the world. These books are great for literally any age as you are never too young or too old to learn about history.


Where to buy: Amazon UK, Book Depository, Wordery, Amazon USA


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