Synopsis: Ben Tajima doesn’t claim to have hit the jackpot with the small toy boat he finds on the Riverwalk in Chicago, Illinois. Still, the antique trinket is cool, even if it is a little dirty. Yet strange things start to happen after he brings the toy back to his grandparent’s apartment. He sees—or thinks he sees—a ghostly boy hiding in unexpected places: the swimming pool, the living room . . . But who is the boy? What is he looking for? And what will happen when he finds it? 

Every state has its own spine-tingling stories of ghosts and mysterious hauntings grounded in its regional history. The Haunted States of America series uses real-life ghost lore as jumping-off points to new, chilling tales. An author’s note provides historical origins and fascinating facts, but beware: sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

Release Date: 1st January 2020

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery

Pages: 132

Thank you so much to NetGalley and North Star Editions/Jolly Fish Press for the Earc to read and review. 

Review: What a creepy story, the little boy ghost was creepy, simple as. 

It was so very creative with the little haunted boat, the boy following them everywhere, having attached himself to them. I liked that even with this going on the characters still did what they’d planned and didn’t let it effect them too much, nor did they bring their grandparents in on the issues, the kids though scared dealt with it themselves.

It wasn’t scary at all, and would be very suitable for any ages to read it. The story was really fun, very creative, slightly creepy, and has a true sad story you’ll learn attached to it. 

One thing I was sad to know at the end in the facts section was that this wasn’t based on a real thing, I really thought that the haunted little boat would be an actual real thing. I was very shocked that this story was fully made up, it was very convincing that it was real.


Where to Buy: Amazon UK, Book Depository, Waterstones

About the Author: Thomas Kingsley Troupe has been making up stories ever since he was in short pants. As an “adult,” he’s the author of a whole lot of books for kids. When he’s not writing, he enjoys movies, biking, taking naps, and investigating ghosts as a member of the Twin Cities Paranormal Society. Raised in “Nordeast” Minneapolis, he now lives in Woodbury, Minnesota, with his awe-inspiring family.

About The Illustrator: Maggie Ivy is a freelance illustrator and artist who lives and works in the Ozark area in Arkansas. She found her love for art at an early age and pursued it with passion. She graduated from The Florence Academy of Art in 2010. She loves narrative elements and story-building moments, and seeks to implement them in her own work.


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