Synopsis: Ruby loves riding fast on Tempest. Iris enjoys showing off her control and skill with Lyric. But who is the better unicorn rider? Their friend Cole suggests they have a race. Whoever can cross the Diamond Desert and reach the magical Lotus Gem first is the winner. But the Diamond Desert is filled with dangers. Can Ruby and Iris overcome their rivalry and work together to make it back home? There are unicorns behind Magic Moon Stable, but no one except Iris and Ruby know they exist. As Unicorn Guardians, it is their job to protect the unicorns and their magic to keep them safe from the outside world.

Release Date: 1st January 2021

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Magic, Adventure

Format Read: Ebook

Pages: 72

Thank you so much to NetGalley and North Star Editions/JollyFish Press for the earc to read and review. 

Review: What an adorable book, it was so much fun to read. 

I loved that the girls were so different that they were clashing against each other’s personality but then in doing the race they learnt that the differences were a good thing. I loved the whole concept of the race too, going from the geodes to where a magic gem was was so wondrous, then when things don’t go as planned they had to figure it out. 

It’s such an adorable book from an adorable, creative and well written series, that comes with beautiful illustrations.


Where to buy: Amazon, Wordery, Book Depository, Waterstones

About Author: Whitney Sanderson grew up riding horses as a member of a 4-H club and competing in local jumping and dressage shows. She has written several books in the Horse Diaries chapter book series. She is also the author of Horse Rescue: Treasure, based on her time volunteering at an equine rescue farm. She lives in Massachusetts.


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