Synopsis: This beautifully illustrated, full-colour hardback gift edition brings together a thrilling and inspiring collection of 15 classic children’s stories. These narratives from around the world showcase strong, charismatic, independent female protagonists who know their own minds, and make their own decisions.

Meet Dorothy Gale, who freed faraway Oz from a terrible tyrant; Hua Mulan, who became a mighty warrior, legendary throughout ancient China; clever and powerful goddess Athena of Greek myth, who went toe-to-toe with Poseidon; and many more. These heroines certainly aren’t reduced to waiting at home while boys have adventures … they strike out on their own with self-confidence, imagination, wit, and courage. They live without restraint or narrowly defined roles.

Inspire the world-changing women of the future to dream big, by fuelling their imaginations with relatable and aspirational role models. A book that belongs on every girl’s bookshelf; ideal for children aged 8+. 

Release Date: 15th December 2020

Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Adventure, Mythology, Short Stories, Fairy Tales

Format Read: Ebook

Pages: 128

Thank you so much to Arcturus and NetGalley for the earc to read and review. 
I really enjoyed reading this, it’s filled with stories of great heroines from all over the world, of girls that have had to be brave and overcome obstacles in their lives and set out on an adventure. 

From Fa Mulan to Hinemoa to Lykke to Heidi and so many more incredible stories this book is such a great read and I recommend it. You’ll have fun reading about each different short story, it would make a great book to read with a child. The stories are all so different and so exciting, and who doesn’t enjoy a fun adventure?

The book also comes with some incredible illustrations to show you who these great women are and enhance your vision as you read their stories. It’s such an enjoyable and fun book.


Where to buy: Amazon, Book Depository


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