Synopsis: Princess Alice of Greece is known for her kindness. Born deaf, she knows what it is like to be discriminated against. In 1943 the Second World War is raging, and the Nazis have taken control of Greece. All Jews in the country are in danger, including young Tilde Cohen and her mother, Rachel. On the run, they are in search of a safe place to hide from the Nazis. When they arrive unannounced on Princess Alice’s doorstep, begging her to shelter them, the princess’s kindness is put to the test.

Release date: 10th September 2019

Genres: Historical, Memoir, War, Picture Book

Format Read: Ebook

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Second Story Press for the earc to read and review.

Review: The story was very sweet and it showed true kindness of a princess. This story based upon a real event shares of a heroic event in Princess Alice’s life. As a Jewish mother and daughter come to her for help during World War 2 she takes them in even though it was dangerous to do so. 

It was very educational, before reading this I personally didn’t know anything about Princess Alice and found it very fascinating to learn all about her from the story and the added historical notes at the end. I loved how kind she was to Tilde and her mother and how she protected them no matter what. 

The illustrations by Juliana Kolesava are beautiful and depict exactly what the story is saying, Princess Alice was drawn just as she looked it’s very impressive. I love when you can see pictures that show you what you are reading perfectly. 

This is a vital area of history that I feel is never shared, you never hear much of Greece during WW2 so if you are teaching your child about this era I recommend that you read this with them, it will show to them an act of true kindness during an incredibly hard time.


Where to Buy: Amazon, Book Depository

About Author: Kathy Kacer was born in Toronto and has lived there all her life (with the exception of three years in New Brunswick). She has a Master’s degree in Psychology and worked for many years with troubled teens and their families. She stopped working full time in 1995 to pursue her dream of becoming a children’s author. That dream came true with the publication of her first book, The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser, in 1999. She has been writing ever since. 

Her parents were both survivors of the Holocaust. Her mother survived the war in hiding; her father was a survivor of the concentration camps. Their stories of survival were an inspiration to Kathy as she was growing up. As an adult, she was determined to write their stories and pass them on to young readers. She went on to write more than twenty books, all focused on the Holocaust. These books include The Night Spies, The Diary of Laura’s Twin, To Hope and Back, Hiding Edith, the Whispers series, and The Magician of Auschwitz. Many of her books have won awards in Canada, the United States, and Israel. Her books have been sold in over twenty countries around the world. 

In addition to writing, Kathy teaches at the University of Toronto (Continuing Studies). She also speaks to children in schools and libraries around the world about the importance of understanding the Holocaust and keeping its memory alive. In addition, she lectures in universities and colleges on the topic of teaching sensitive material to young children. 

She is married and has two children, Gabi and Jake. Both children share her family’s love of stories.


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