Synopsis: We all have dreams in our hearts that whisper to us. Within us, we also have just the right magic to bring those dreams to life. Follow Pinky Ponky and baby unicorn along every twist and turn of this life-changing adventure. And at the end of this magical story, each child will know exactly what to do to make their own dreams come true.

Release Date: 9th February 2019

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Picture Books, Children’s, Magic, Fantasy, Adventure

Pages: 35

Thank you so much to booktasters and to author Nirosha Paramanathan for the ebook to read and review.

Review: This was a very sweet book about a girl who dreamed of big things. One of her dreams comes true and she meets a unicorn but when things are not fully right she is desperate to be a kind, helpful girl and help the little unicorn anyway she can. Together they learn about their hearts desires and how powerful it can be. So together they dream with their heart and reach for their biggest dreams. 

It was very sweet and had a good message to it, about dreams, and the pureness of a persons heart. It also teaches kindness and compassion, there really is lots that young kids can learn from this sweet little adventure. It really was adorable and worth giving a read. 


Where to buy: Amazon


2 thoughts on “Pinky Ponky Finds Magic – Ebook Review

    1. Yes the messages in this book were so sweet, I’m so happy that it really touched your son and that he became mesmerised by the unicorns heart. So sweet.

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