Synopsis: Snow is magical, but a blizzard can be scary, even for a brave little girl with a big imagination!

Format Read: Ebook

Release Date: 7th June 2020

Genres: Picture Books, Fantasy, Children’s

Pages: 28

Thank you so much to Joe Walters who reached out to me and provided me with an ebook to read and review. 

Review: This book is so adorable, Sir Grace is such a great character she’s filled with imagination and wonder. When a snow blizzard comes into town she sets her mind to being so imaginative, though she is scared her mom helps her understand and to imagine and feel safe with her. 

This book is great for helping a young child to understand that you can still be both scared and brave at the exact same time. It’s got such a great message in this story. I highly recommend this book it is so worth reading to your young children they will love this sweet story. 

I really enjoyed getting to read this book it was so sweet and incredibly well written. It also has incredible illustrations, I really loved the art work in this book it was done perfectly and if you looked close enough during the snow storm you’ll see something else in the window during the ‘lizzard’. 


Where to buy: Amazon

About Author: LAURA TREACY BENTLEY is a fan of Eva Cassidy, Ray Bradbury, ONCE the movie/musical, snickerdoodles, cheap red wine, and a good cup of café au lait. She’d like to be the first writer on the moon (maybe), have brunch with Meryl Streep (definitely), and take a ride around the block in a Bentley, but would settle for the hood ornament instead. 

Laura’s first picture book SIR GRACE AND THE BIG BLIZZARD was released in July 2020. She has also written THE SILVER TATTOO (2013) which is a dark psychological thriller set in magical Ireland. NIGHT TERRORS (2015) is the short story prequel to The Silver Tattoo. LOOKING FOR IRELAND: AN IRISH-APPALACHIAN PILGRIMAGE ( 2017) is an artist’s chapbook of her poems and color photographs. She is a poet, novelist, point-and-shoot photographer, and the former book editor (“Conversations”) for WV LIVING magazine. She divides her time between the beautiful mountains of West Virginia and western Maryland.

Laura’s work has been widely published in the United States and Ireland. Her first book of poetry, LAKE EFFECT, was published in 2006, and her poems have been featured on Poetry Daily, A Prairie Home Companion’s website, Poetry Ireland, Crannog, and The Stinging Fly. One of her poems was chosen by the editors of O MAGAZINE, and it appeared on Oprah’s website. In 2003, Laura was honored to read her poetry with the legendary Ray Bradbury in Venice, California. 

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