Synopsis: Up on the moon lives a small little bunny,
His name, so they say, is Maribus Honey.

Maribus is lonely and doesn’t want to be all alone on the moon anymore. 
He builds a ladder and climbs down to Earth, but who is making those weird noises?
And why is the bunny girl he meets so familiar? 

A picture book about new experiences, making friends and letting go of your fears. With a strong message of learning to talk about your worries, this rhyming tale is sure to be a bedtime favourite. 

Release date: 1st a May 2020

Format read: Ebook

Genres: Picture Books, Children’s, Friendship, Fantasy,

Pages: 33

Review: This is so so cute and a perfect read with young kids, especially if they are feeling lonely it’s a great way to give them guidance and help them not feel alone. 

The two bunnies were adorable and the art work was perfect. I loved that Marbius Honey just wanted a friend then smelt something a found a friend it’s so sweet. 

It’s such an adorable story I really loved reading it, it was so precious.


Where to buy: Amazon

About author: Isla Wynter lives in Scotland with a tiny cat, a lonely pot plant and a horde of imaginary friends. She believes in unicorns and plans to one day convince the world of that fact. Even if she has to catch a unicorn herself.
Until then, she continues to write magical stories for children and young adults.


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