Synopsis: Billie is forced to leave the only home she’s ever known when her mother decides they should move to a new house in a small town. Musty furniture and odd belongings fill the old, dilapidated building, the ghostly remains of its previous tenants – including two small glass figures, one boy and one girl. 

The neighbours and local community are hiding something, Billie can tell – a secret about the house, a secret of its past. Then Billie notices that the glass figures have moved when the house was empty. Soon after, a tiny handprint appears on a dusty table – the handprint of a small child. Billie is certain that they are being haunted. 

But her mother thinks Billie is making it up With the help of her new friend Aladdin, Billie desperately tries to uncover the house’s dark, tragic history . . . leading her closer to the chilling truth.

Release Date: 1st September 2016

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Suspense, Horror, Paranormal, Mystery

Pages: 256

Review: This was such a fun spooky read, Billie moves to a creepy old house that she instantly could tell it was haunted. As creepy things start happening like children’s handprints appearing in the dust, tapping at her window and a swinging light she begins to get scared. 

The whole town know of the bad things that happen to those in that house, but what is really happening becomes a mystery that Billie and her two friends must solve before it becomes too late. However when her mum is sick in the hospital she fears all her time is slipping away and that the ghosts have tried to take her mum away from her too. 

The story was a really interesting read, it wasn’t so much a horror nor really a paranormal story at all, but it was a fun mystery with the element of a spooky house and haunting goings on. I really did enjoy reading this and solving the mystery and learning of the history of this ‘haunted house’.


Where to buy: Amazon, Wordery, Book Depository, Waterstones

About Author: Kristina Ohlsson is a political scientist and until recently held the position of Counter-Terrorism Officer at OSCE (the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe). She has previously worked at the Swedish Security Service, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish National Defense College, where she was a junior expert on the Middle East conflict and the foreign policy of the European Union. Kristina lives in Stockholm. 


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