Synopsis: While Katy and her family spend a snowy Christmas away at Grandma’s house, a cold and clever little frog jumps at the chance to move into their warm, empty home. Unfortunately, so does every other four-legged forest dweller in the area. With the perfect holiday vacation house overrun with guests, chaos quickly erupts until the group finds a peaceful solution in this wildly enjoyable holiday tale of tails. What begins as a break from the wintery woollyland transforms into an annual holiday tradition of kindness and generosity. The Frog at the Window is a Christmas tale with a message for every season!

Genres: Picture Books, Children’s, Christmas

Format Read: Ebook

Release Date: 3rd November 2020

Pages: 64 Pages

Thank you so much to NetGalley and bookbuzz for the ebook to read and review.

Review:Katy’s family go away to her grans for Christmas and she dropped her mitten by the door, a frog jumps in and gets cosy and warm. Then soon a whole load of other animals join getting settled out of the storm. They cause a whole mess by celebrating Christmas together, but enjoy it and get along just the same. 

This was a very interesting Christmas book, I can’t say I’d read a Christmas book like this one. It was really sweet and funny, the characters were really great and kind. It’s got a lot that kids can enjoy and think about whilst reading leaving them to wonder. 

The illustrations were incredible and so finely detailed, you could see everything down to the facial expressions to what Christmas movie was clearly being shown on tv. 


Where to buy: Amazon

About Author: Growing up in the small town of Seymour Wisconsin, playtime came ready-made with Scott’s 11 brothers and sisters. No lie! Having fun then meant grabbing a sibling, heading outside and imagining a world around you. That imagination brought Scott Theater degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and Villanova University before bringing him to L.A. where he’s worked as a producer, writer, and actor for over 20 years. Best known for his work on the highly acclaimed “Medal of Honor” & “Call of Duty” video game franchises, Scott has done work for companies including Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, EA Games, and the Jim Henson Company.


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