Synopsis: Stumpy Cat is the coolest cat in town! Perched high up on his tree stump, Stumpy Cat has an amazing cowboy adventure saving a town in the wild west from the dreaded tumble string!This gorgeously illustrated tale of a new cat in town with big dreams reminds us of the value of helping others and making new friendships wherever we go.

Genres: Picture Book, Children’s, Fantasy, Adventure, Humor

Format Read: Ebook

Release Date: 21st September 2020

Pages: 46

Thank you so much to Author Peter Lewis-Dale for sending me an ebook to read and review. 

Review: This was so funny, I was laughing with the story the whole time. Stumpy cat as all cats do find somewhere to lay and dream all day, in the dream stumpy cat dreams of string and being in the Wild West. 

This was written so well, the story is told through rhyme and really works, it’s so funny and a very creative idea. I loved that we were seeing his dreams, of all the things he wanted to do in the Wild West and then getting to help with the towns string problem. It was such a great read. 

It’s an easy picture book, with cute illustrations. I can tell you now if you have a young kid you need to read this with them, they will laugh and find it so amusing. 


Where to buy: Amazon


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