Synopsis: Layla is a ghost and ghosts are supposed to be scary. They’re supposed to haunt castles and shout BOOO!

But Layla would much rather play with her friends.

When Halloween approaches, she needs to decide whether she’s going to be a proper ghost or if there’s another way. One that doesn’t involve being scary.

A picture book about a little ghost trying to figure out what’s right. 

Release Date: 2nd September 2019

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Picture Book, Paranormal, Children’s

Pages: 31

Review: This was utterly adorable, a cute precious little ghost living in a castle and was supposed to be haunting it, didn’t like all the mean things she had to do. With great advice from an owl she chooses to be herself and not be mean. 

I adore that this had a bigger message to teach children one that kindness is the best thing but also that they make the choice who they get to be. 

It was super cute, I recommend if you are looking for a cute easy read with your children that you read this with them. It’s so sweet and has really cute illustrations too.


Where to buy: Amazon

About Author: Isla Wynter lives in Scotland with a tiny cat, a lonely pot plant and a horde of imaginary friends. She believes in unicorns and plans to one day convince the world of that fact. Even if she has to catch a unicorn herself.
Until then, she continues to write magical stories for children and young adults.


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