Synopsis: It was a lonely trek through a howling blizzard!
Feeling left out of Santa’s busy preparations for Christmas, Ralph, Santa’s smallest elf, decides to run away. When he packs his suitcase and leaves, he finds himself running right into a terrific snowstorm! This is the tale of Ralph’s misadventures in the wintry countryside of the North Pole. Can Santa find his little elf and bring him home in time for Christmas?

Release Date: 11th October 2018

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Christmas, Middle Grade

Pages: 42

Thank you so much to author Jessie L. Best for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Awe this book is so sweet, Ralph the tiniest elf felt so left out that he no longer liked Christmas, he runs away and befriends an elderly woman that doesn’t want him to leave again. 

It’s a very creative story incorporating Santa’s elves with old witches. I loved the determination that Ralph had and how he fought so long to not give up, that’s such a great message to portray. 

It was adorable that Santa never forgot Ralph and wanted him home as soon as he realised he was gone, and would stop at nothing to bring his littlest elf back where he belongs. 

It’s a really sweet Christmas story about feeling blue and left out during this season and that even the smallest of elves can feel it too but ultimately they truly belong and have a purpose. 

Perfect read for the holiday season, perfect read with young children and for kids starting out with chapter books, they’ll love this story.


Where to buy: Amazon

About Author: Jessie L. Best was born in Kingston, Ont. and now resides near Toronto, Ontario. She creates mystical fantasy adventures for children and young adults. Possessing a vivid imagination, she creates vibrant characters and magical worlds to delight young readers. She strives to become one of those writers whose stories are remembered into adulthood.


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