Synopsis: Features mischievous monsters. Now, they really see the errors of their ways and Mummy’s Christmas may just yet run smoothly.

Release Date: 25th October 2006

Format Read: Paperback

Genres: Picture Books, Fantasy, Children’s, Christmas

Pages: 24

Review: I loved this story, it’s so cute and incredibly funny. A stressed out mother on Christmas Eve, a total mess in the house made worse by the mess monsters causing havoc. 

It had such a great message within the story as the child teaches the monsters what Christmas is actually really about, this book was a really easy book to read and will make younger kids laugh as it made me. 

It’s a great beginner book for children learning to independent read, everything is easy to read and story is easy to follow. It has really vivid, bright and beautiful illustrations. 

I really enjoyed reading this one, it’s a fun light Christmas read.


Where to buy: Amazon

About Author: Beth Shoshan was born in Brighton. She never seemed destined to be
a children’s writer, after all she had failed English Composition. But everything changed when she was challenged by Meadowside to write the most inappropriate
children’s book imaginable – it should contain sweets, explosions and arcane English words. She did, and Smidge became an instant best-seller. Now with over 30 titles to her name, Beth has become one of the most successful children’s authors of the past few years.


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