It’s the story of Sandy and Zuko, dance contests, graduation, drive-ins, and wishing the summer would never end; of fighting and thinking they mean it when all they really care about is making up.

It’s the story of The Thunderbirds and The Pink Ladies, Greased Lightnin’, gang rumbles, Thunder Road, Rydell High, and the Class of ’59.

Most of all, it’s the story of how great it can be to go with someone who’s crazy about you. Even if it’s a while before everyone knows it…even before you’re sure about it yourself.

Release Date: 1978

Format Read: Paperback

Genres: Women’s Fiction, Movie Tie-In, Romance, Teen, Play

Pages: 220

Review: You all know the movie, the theatre production and the songs and there’s a book too. It’s my moms book and I randomly thought I’d read it too, but it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. 

It didn’t follow the thread that we are used to at all, plus none of the songs are in it but that didn’t stop me singing them to myself when i reached those parts in the book. The story is told by Sonny, it’s his story not Danny & Sandy’s which I thought was odd really. It’s does feature the same points in the movie or show but in a very different way and different perspective for the whole thing. Some characters were hardly featured plus a whole different character who was featured more than Sandy was. It was a very difficult book to get into honestly.

I didn’t overly like some of the language used within the book, the way they spoke about girls, that may be the difference in times we live in now rather than when it was written (1978). There were tons of grammatical errors that I so wanted to fix. 

On the plus it was still an okay read, nothing special but I’m still happy I got to read it. It told more of the friendship between the T-birds which was cool and showed them all maturing ready to leave each other and it’s was done in a subtle way so you could see the characters progression from the way they were at the start to the end. 

I would have liked more of the Pink Ladies featured though they were such a small part to the story unfortunately but as it was told from a males perspective and he wasn’t a pink lady you get the scenes you are given really. 

In closing it wasn’t the best book, it wasn’t the movie/show or how I dreamt the book would be, but for what it was it was pretty okay and an interesting read. 



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