Synopsis: The Titanic is the greatest ship ever built; a dream of an ocean liner. People say it is unsinkable. Orphan Margaret Anne Brady can’t believe how lucky she is to be plucked from a life of poverty to sail on the Titanic’s maiden voyage as a companion to wealthy Mrs Carstairs. Surrounded by luxury, among the rich and famous, Margaret thinks that all her dreams have come true. But the Titanic is fated not to reach its destination. When the passengers are woken on a freezing night in April 1912, she finds herself plunged into an unimaginable nightmare… 

Release Date: 5th April 2012

Format Read: Paperback

Genres: Historical, Middle Grade,

Pages: 176

Review: What an incredibly well written book, it was powerful, emotional, captivating and I felt like I was actually there in this story. 

This book hit me hard and had me crying, it was beautiful and it was heart wrenching and it had you dying Inside. 

Margaret Anne Brady a thirteen year old orphan girl who accompanies the rich Mrs. Carstairs as her companion aboard the great and unsinkable Titanic on the voyage to New York. Whilst on her exciting and new adventure she learns the life of the rich dining with them every day, assisting her companion in dressing and other duties she’s required to do, walking her dog and enjoying very fulfilling meals each night trying many a new thing. She becomes incredibly close with the white jacket worker Robert, who is the crew member for their floor. She also explores all the new things that only first class members have access too. Though one night as the ship sloshes everything changes, panic ensues and people are rushing off the ship onto the emergency boats, until the Titanic is no longer. 

This book tells a great story of a girl who was on the ship but very scarcely told her true story, the horrors she saw that night living with her and with everyone else that experienced it. The author wrote this so delicately and brought you into the world as it was, making you feel as though you were there with Margaret the whole time, right until the very end of her story. I thoroughly loved this book even though it was incredibly sad, it was just written so so well. 


About Author: This talented writer attended Tufts University (and published her first book, Friends for Life, while a senior there) and currently lives in New York City. Ms. White grew up in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Many of her novels feature characters who reside in or around Boston and are fans of the Boston Red Sox (as is Ms. White). In addition to novels, Ms. White has published several biographies. She also writes under the pseudonym Zack Emerson (taking the name Zack from the name of her shepherd dog) and under the pseudonym Nicholas Edwards (Santa Paws series).


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