Synopsis: A chapter book retelling the story of Joseph, who was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers and unfairly put into prison with additional related snippets from other Bible stories. But God cares, providing guidance, support and hope through the situations.

A reassuring story to help older children reflect and talk to people they trust about Joseph’s emotions and experiences, providing guidance for them when they feel life is unfair, including support from God. 

The ‘God Cares’ series provides a Biblical approach to discussing emotions and behaviour with children to nurture an attitude of wellness. Children at different ages approach things differently in their stages of emotional development, so this series works at two different levels: illustrated Readers aimed at 5-7 year olds and chapter books aimed at 8+ years. Please note that children progress at different reading abilities and stages of emotional development so the age ranges are only a guide for parents and carers. 

The Bible stories are retold reflecting on the emotions and encourages children to discuss and relate this within their situations. Sections at the back provide a reflective space for children and practical advice for parents and carers.

Release Date: 21st May 2021

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Religious, Middle Grade, Mental Health,

Pages: 64

Thank you so much to Lion Hudson ltd and Netgalley for the earc to read and review.

Review: What a fascinating book, i love this series of books, they are brilliant for children to learn biblical stories in an easier way. They teach all about emotions, anxiety, anger, forgiveness, fear, overcoming huge obstacles, how to treat others and how to cope when others treat you wrong and honestly so much more. These books are incredibly well written and thought out. 

The biblical story in this book was really interesting following Joseph’s life in a big family being the favourite and the jealousy his brothers had and them in return making his life incredibly difficult but how he with God at his side found the strength and courage to fight past the worst situations and make them good. 

I really loved learning more about this story, plus we also got a couple smaller stories within that related to the topic, which I loved. This book comes with some little work pages that children can fill in whilst reading which is a great way to engage them and to help them understand further what they’ve read. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book, it was written really clearly and cleverly sharing the story in small chapters but with enough detail to understand what was going on. I love that these books make the people more real by understanding the emotions and feelings that they felt through these events. 

If you are looking for wonderful biblical stories to read I highly recommend this series.


Where to buy: Waterstones, Book Depository


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