Synopsis: Gideon suspected it wasn’t a coincidence.
Ashton’s announcement of her plans to accompany her sister to New Delhi matched his own arrangements to catch up with his parents on their speaking tour in India.

But when he arrives, there’s only one thing on his mind. His mother is missing and he’ll do anything to find her. Even if it means negotiating with kings, transporting mischievous monkeys, and battling flesh-eating monsters.

Ashton’s temper flares when she finds out about the kidnapping. Maybe it’s because she can’t stand to see injustice or maybe there’s a little spark between the two of them that no one anticipated.

There’s unicorns, a mysterious stranger, and danger unlike anything they’ve encountered before. Welcome to exotic INDIA!

Release Date: 19th November 2019

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Young Adult, Teen, Fantasy, Mythology, Friendship, Fantasy,

Pages: 192

Thank you so much to Author Susan Badaracco for the ebook to read and review.

Review: When Gideons Mother has been kidnapped in India he flies over to help find her and soon ends up delving into a world of magic and mythology with the help of his 3 friends, their unicorn and some animals, but finding his mother isn’t as easy as he thought it might be. 

This was such an adventure story, I loved the mythology side of this story I already knew the story of the Ramayana and of Rama and Sita so it was fascinating to find that this story was all about that but set in a modern world too. It was such a fascinating story idea. 

I liked that the protagonist character was a skeptic and didn’t really believe in any sort of magic and that without choice due to his friends being magic and seeing magic that he ended up being a believer. 

I really enjoyed parts of this story the mythology being the most fascinating to me, I loved that we had a deaf character and she wasn’t treated any differently by the others in the story. I also liked the determination that no matter how hard it was or what battles they faced they still went forward and fought and got hurt but until he had his mother safe and with him it wasn’t over. 

I personally didn’t enjoy this book as much I expected too, it sounded so much fun and like such a great adventure story. That’s not to say that it wasn’t any of those things it still was, however I found that I wasn’t enjoying it a great deal. It certainly got better further in the story but for parts it wasn’t as exciting. 

I will say though that I believe this will be a book that so many others would enjoy, if you are really into fantasy, if you like mythology, if you like magic then this book has got all of it and is such an interesting and original story with lots of adventure, action and even some mystery to solve along the way. I can really see this being a book that is loved and enjoyed by so many. So I do feel if you like this style of book that you give it a shot you might just love it so so much. 


Where to Buy: Amazon U.K., Amazon USA


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