Synopsis: Sometimes, when Sofia lies in bed at night and closes her eyes, something magical happens: everything she imagines becomes real! Tonight her room changes into a sea with waves as high as the walls. On this occasion, and to the background of Ludwig Beethoven’s music playing on demand, her imagination transforms her and she goes on an extraordinary sea adventure, where she is a pirate! She fights off enemy pirates coming on a big ship and becomes Captain Sofia, the bravest pirate of the 7 seas. From there, her sea adventure continues with fantastic images, sea monsters, and mermaids. The adventures of this beautifully illustrated picture book come totally alive with the sounds of classical music turning this into a bi-dimensional sensory experience.

Release Date: 20th July 2021

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Picture Book, Children’s, Interactive, Fantasy,

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Clavis publishing and Netgalley for the earc to read and review.

Review: Thank you to Clavis Books and Netgalley for having this Earc to read and review. 

While Sofia is asleep she dreams of being a fearsome pirate, going on a fun adventure taking over a ship, battling sea monsters and more. I loved reading this story it was filled with adventure, the illustrations were stunning and so beautiful capturing the story before us perfectly. The added classic musicals the story goes along adds the atmosphere and gets the mind working. 

I highly recommend this book, it would be perfect as a peaceful book to read with a child before bed, with the relaxing classic music for the effect and the fun pirate adventure to imagine.


Where to Buy: Amazon, Book Depository

About Author: An Leysen works as an art teacher in Turnhout, Belgium, where she teaches design and fashion. She is married to the visual artist Jef Faes and they have a daughter, Louise, who has art running through her veins too. In her spare time, An likes to – what else? – read and draw.


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