Monthly Wrap Up

How are we already going into April? How is that even possible. So for this month I said I was going to read 7 books they were: You, Honey Mountain, Fierce, When Marnie Was There, The Secrets of Star Whales, The Impossible Three and Kate in Waiting. And somehow I did read exactly 7 books this month but I didn’t really read the ones that I said I wanted to read.

The Chance to Fly by Ali Stroker and Stacy Davidowitz: Incredible musical theatre read about a girl in a wheelchair with dreams of being a theatre actress, she takes the biggest chance of her life, makes new friends and Defys Gravity. (Earc provided by Abrams Kids)

The Nine Jewels by Susan Badaracco: A YA Indian mythological fantasy, when his mom is kidnapped he goes to India to find her battling through mythological beings with the help of his friends and their unicorns to save her. (Ebook provided by Author)

When Marnie Was There by Joan G Robinson: The story of a lonely girl who while staying with her goat families friends meets another lonely girl who is full of mystery and keeps vanishing. Then a new family arrive and there more mystery.

Captain Sofia by An Leyton: An adorable picture book with added classical music telling the dream of young Sofia who goes on a wonderful pirate adventure. (Earc provided by Clovis publishing)

Secrets Of Star Whales by Rebecca Thorne: A very interesting Sci-Fi story of A grieving young boy, their new teacher, a ship fixing project and a magical Star whales that needs protecting. (Earc Provided by JollyFish Fish Press)

The List Of Things That Will Not Change by Rebecca Stead: A beautiful book about a young girl ridden in anxiety and dealing with her life changing from her parents divorce to her dads remarriage, to getting a new sister in her life. A really beautiful and realistic story. (Ebook provided by Andersen Press)

Hans Christian Andersen Little People Bog Dreams by Marie Isabel Sanchez Vegara: An Adorable Picture book telling the story of how the great fairy tale writer became who he was. (Earc provided by Frances Lincoln Quarto Kids)

April TBR

So for April dum dum dum I want to read 6 books I am not sure If I will mange that many again this month but we will see. I want to get my netgalley shelf smaller as I seem to keep requesting and adding more to my shelf, (publishers keep adding such good books I cant help myself)m so if I can get 6 books off the shelf this month that would be great.

First up is finishing Kate in Waiting by Becky Albertalli, I am currently 40% done with it and it’s not too bad so far, not sure I’m as into this genre as I used to be but still it’s not bad.

Sea of Kings by Melissa Hope, I was sent this most recently by Jolly Fish Oress and am going to be doing a bookstagram tour for it so want to make sure I get it read and reviewed before that date.

Monster Spotters Guidebook by Matt Cherry, a really cute and funny middle grade book. Looking forward to that one.

Mysteries of the Night Watchers by A. M. Howell a historical mystery which I’m seriously excited about reading.

Olive Oh Gets Creative by Tina Kim, another really super cute middle grade book

Tia Lugo Sees No Evil by Danette Vigilante, a middle grade mystery, horror which I’m so exited to read.

What I Received


Disney Princess Beginnings: Ariel Makes Waves, Tiana’s Best Surprise, Jasmine’s New Friend, Cinderella Takes The Stage and Aurora Plays The Part.

Lizzie’s Dream Journal by Charlie King (provided by Author)

Heart of the Moors By Holly Black (Gifted by my friend Lauren)


Monster Spotters Guidebook by Matt Cherry (Provided by Firefly Press)

Mysteries Of The Night Watchers by A. M. Howell (Provided by Usborne Publishing)

Captain Sofia by An Leyten (Provided by Clavis Publishing)

Hans Christian Andersen Little People Big Dreams by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara (Provided by Frances Lincoln)

The Mother We Share by Jennifer Soucy (Provided by Author)

Me And The Robbersons bySiri Kolu (Provided by Stripes Publishing)

The Chance to Fly by Ali Stroker & Stacy Davidowitz (Provided by Abrams Kids)

The List of Things That Will Not Change by Rebecca Stead (Provided by Andersen Press)

The Secrets of Star Whales by Rebecca Thorne (Provided by Rebecca Thorne)

So that’s my wrap up for the month. How many books do you plan on reading? Do you use Netgalley? How many books are currently on your shelf?


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