Synopsis: A madcap adventure starring a bandit family, a LOT of sweets and a girl who is ready for anything… 
Maisie is convinced her summer holiday is going to be as boring as ever – until she’s snatched by the Robbersons, a bunch of bandits with an insatiable appetite for sweets! Soon Maisie realizes that life on the open road with the Robbersons is just the adventure she has always longed for. They’ve even started to see her as one of the gang! So when she discovers that the police and her parents are hot on their trail, Maisie decides she isn’t quite ready to be rescued…
A fresh and fun story about what it really means to escape, ME AND THE ROBBERSONS is perfect for fans of Roald Dahl, Danny Wallace’s HAMISH series and THE SUPER MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF FREDDIE YATES.

Release Date: 10th June 2021 (originally published 2010)

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Humour, Adventure, Crime, Friendship

Pages: 224

Thank you so much to Stripes Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: This books is such fun and very random. A family of bandits hijack a car and steal a girl to stop their own kids from bickering, scared at first Maisie soon feels the rush of fun the family have stealing, robbing and hijacking people and finds she is much happier with them than she would be at home with her own family, giving her the best summer holiday ever.

Okay I knew this would just be a fun read and it really was, though it was so odd and so random but so funny and really easy to read. It’s such an adventure and somehow the way it is written makes what these bandits do sound fun and exciting. Which is what’s great about the story, you feel exactly what Maisie feels.

The book holds such a strange array of characters, the leader Wild Karl the boss and the discussion maker, the crafter of all crimes. Charlie who wants to be a grown up bandit but also wants to go to school and have a normal life. Hellie the fast, knife throwing don’t cross me girl who likes taking Barbie dolls and giving them makeovers in her own strange ways. Hilda the mother and reckless getaway driver who is way tougher than you’d imagine. Golden Pete the most odd ball character in the story, I’ll let you find out about him. Maisie who changes her thoughts on everything she ever knew and learns everything there is to know about being a bandit. These characters just some how all managed to work and added something uniquely themselves into this story. 

I think this book would be so great for children who are just looking for something so odd and funny and just an escape book that will take you on the most random but fun adventure ever. It will make them laugh, they’ll want to finish it once they start and they’ll really get stuck into Maisie’s adventure. 

I didn’t love this story but I did enjoy it, it was an interesting and different read and I liked the adventure the story took me on, the unique characters that we met along the way. It’s was a good read.


Where to buy: Amazon, Wordery, Book Depository

About Author: Siri studied in Helsinki and now lives with her family in Vantaa, Finland. She is an author, dramatist and theatre instructor. She has written thirteen books for children, of which ME AND THE ROBBERSONS was her breakthrough and the first book in a series of seven. It is one of the most widely known children’s novels from Finland – having been translated into twenty-one languages.

About Translater: Ruth Urbom translates from Finnish, Swedish and German into English. She especially likes translating books that are fun to read! Other books she has translated from Finnish include Cow Belle Beauty Queen by Leena Parkkinen and Bicycling to the Moon by Timo Parvela.


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