Synopsis: When the mysterious Monster Spotter’s Handbook is passed down to eleven-year-old Edwin Spook, a brain boggling world of monsters is opened before him. 

Edwin, last of the Monster Spotters, quickly discovers that the Duke, the last of the Monster Catchers, is using his clever tricks to trap four very special monsters – the Oober Beast, Blogspotter, Star Statue and the Frozen Yomp – who represent the values of the monster world: heart, knowledge, trust and soul. 

Can Edwin rescue the trapped monsters and help unite the monster world? 

A great title for reluctant readers with fast-paced action and lots of quirky illustrations.

Release Date: 24th June 2021

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Humour, Adventure, Fantasy

Pages: 200

Thank you so much to Firefly Press and Netgalley for the Earc to read and review.

Review: Edwin a young monster Spotter, gets to do something most children can’t, he can see all different monsters and have conversations with them too. Passed down to him by his grandpa along with a monster spotting handbook. Edwin soon finds out that there is a monster catcher on the loose wanting to start a museum of monsters and he’s going after the heart, soul, knowledge and trust of the monster world known as monster soup. Only Edwin can save the monster world.

This was a really fun adventure and humour book, it had me laughing a lot. It’s one that children of around 8 years old are going to really love and enjoy reading, it’s got so much to it and will keep them thoroughly entertained. Meeting so many new monsters, having a fun balloon adventure, having to be smart to travel the four corners of the world and finding out there’s more to monsters than you’d think. 

It’s so unique and introduces you to so many new and interesting monsters, you follow along as Edwin has to chase the monster catcher and figure out how to save the monster world. You root for Edwin the whole time, wanting him to figure out exactly the right thing to do. 

It had a good deeper message too that the knowledge, soul, heart and trust are all part of everyone, monsters included and that even the meanest of people can change with just a little trust in themselves, a little heart and care for the things around them, knowledge and using what you know to help you grow and most important a soul to lead you down the right path. A good lesson for all to learn.

This was a really sweet, funny yet odd story, it had so many wonderful illustrations throughout and on almost every page, it had fun quotes at the start of each chapter from the monster spotters handbook that Edwin carried with him, it had so many cleverly thought out unique monsters that were fascinating to learn about. This book was so much fun and so funny and easy to read.


Where to Buy: Amazon, Wordery, Book Depository


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