Synopsis: ‘Twas Just Before Bedtime is a book of short stories (about 1000 words each.) Each is followed by a poem. This is juvenile fiction and the characters range in age from 6-10 years. They can be read to younger children as bedtime stories; older kids can read the stories independently. Each magical adventure story and poem has a corresponding illustration created by Cillyart4u. (Cindy Bowles)
The enchanting illustrations are charming and tell the story as intended. Pure fantasy, these stories and rhymes will stimulate and entertain children from 6-12 years and create fond memories to look back on and keep as a favorite.

Release Date: TBD

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Magic, Poetry, Short Stories,

Pages: 216

Thank you so much to Author Jessie L Best for sending me a ebook to read and review.

Review: This unique book tells fairytales and fantasy stories in both short stories and in poetry, it’s so magically thought out, so creative and makes for a wondrous read.

From pirates, to fairies, to elves, to witches, to magic and so much more the stories and poems are so vividly described giving your mind the ability to wander straight into the world before you. Some of the stories are a new take on classic stories you may know and others aren’t but each story and poem is so unique and individual, you’ll escape right in with the characters in this fantasy book.

This was written as a bedtime story that children will enjoy at night and honestly I would say that’s a perfect depiction for this, it will give them something to dream about putting themselves in the adventure or fantasy worlds that was read before them. It’s a great addition to any nighttime routine.

Each short story and poem comes with a couple illustrations that pick up on the important parts or characters of the particular stories before them. It’s always great when a book can give a visual image.


Where to buy: (Amazon)

About Author: Jessie L. Best was born in Kingston, Ont. and now resides near Toronto, Ontario. She creates mystical fantasy adventures for children and young adults. Possessing a vivid imagination, she creates vibrant characters and magical worlds to delight young readers. She strives to become one of those writers whose stories are remembered into adulthood.


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