Synopsis: Most people think that dragons and unicorns don’t exist outside of story books – but Kat and Rosie know better! The best friends have been helping out at Calico Comfrey’s Veterinary Surgery ever since they stumbled across its secret door one summer holiday. Join them as they rescue and care for the incredible, enchanted creatures of Starfall Forest. Along the way, they might learn some valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, and loyalty! 

When Kat needs something to distract her from her new baby sister, it’s the perfect time to go exploring in the forest. She and Rosie find a baby gem dragon coughing and spluttering in the Crystal Caves. What has made her whole colony so sick, and could it have something to do with the gnomes’ new mining machines? It’s time to start an anti-pollution campaign – with just a little help from Dr. Hart! 

The second in the brand-new Magical Rescue Vets series, Jade the Gem Dragon features beautiful illustrations by Morgan Huff and is ideal for readers aged 7+.

Release Date: 1st June 2021

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mythical Beings, Friendship, Animals, Magic, Mythical Animals

Pages: 128

Thank you so much to Arcturus and Netgalley for the earc to read and review.

Review: What a sweet story, I love that the magic world in the story is connected to the normal world but only a few people get to see it. Makes the whole world even more magical. 

Kat is struggling with the changes in her household with her parents new baby and her chaotic brothers and being ignored. She takes solace in the magical forest and finds a sick dragon and has to help it. 

I loved getting to explore the world with Kat, Rosie and the Doctors, meeting all the gnomes and sweet little magical animals. I loved that the girls cared so much about their lives and wanted to do all they could to help out and find the reasons why the gems weren’t growing and also why the dragons were getting sick. 

This was so beautiful, had beautiful illustrations, sweet characters and a dream magical world with so much to learn and explore. I adored reading this story, it was such a beautiful magical escape and I know that anyone that reads this will adore it too. 


Where to buy: Wordery, Book Depository, Amazon

About Author: Melody Lockhart is an English children’s author with a love of all things magical. She delights in summer rain, kittens, and surprise parties. Writing the Magical Rescue Vets series has been her dream come true!

About Illustrator: Morgan Huff has been creating art ever since she could hold a pencil. Since receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus in illustration, she has gone on to work with such clients as Dreamworks and Harper Collins. She finds inspiration in nature, animals, and the joy of simple yet beautiful moments.


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