Synopsis: Once upon a time, a fairy tale went very wrong! This new twist on a traditional children’s story is packed with fun, mayhem, and laugh-out-loud illustrations.

Young Cinderella is desperate to go to the handsome prince’s ball… and she’s delighted when Fenella the fairy offers to help her. Unfortunately though, Fenella hasn’t really got the hang of her magic wand yet. Can Cinderella dance with the prince without tripping over her glass… flippers? And can she leave before midnight, when she’ll turn into a ten-ton Cinder-Elephant?

Release Date: 1st July 2021

Genres: Picture Book, Retelling, Fairytales

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Arcturus and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Oh my goodness this has to be my favourite retelling ever, this book was hilarious seriously hilarious. It follows the usual path of Cinderella but she’s a bit clumsier, then the fairy god mother cannot hear a thing and her spell goes completely ary and makes for this books hilarious title to come to fruition.

This book is the perfect book for kids, it’s beautifully illustrated, the story is easy to read, quick to get emerges into, short and sweet, hilarious and will keep you wanting to know how it’s going to actually end.

This is by far my all time favourite retelling I’ve read, I really loved this book.

About Author: Samantha Newman is a children’s fiction author with a talent for humour and a flair for the fantastic. She has adapted folk tales from around the world; brought Shakespeare to a modern audience; and remixed fairy tales. She lives in London, with her fiancé, and during her infrequent desk breaks, she enjoys yoga, cooking, and befriending the birds in the park.

About Illustrator: James Hearne has illustrated numerous children’s books and supplied thousands of decorative designs to company’s around the world as a freelance artist.

Originally from the UK, he lives in Calgary, Canada and while avoiding extreme cold and bears, he loves to create decorative and narrative illustrations from his warm safe house.


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