Synopsis: Two friends go on the greatest adventure to find a lost diamond, called The Heart of the Island. They must overcome their fears, and face spooky bat-filled caves, as they take on the quest to find the treasure.

Ethan and Matt are staying at a lakeside cabin over a summer weekend when they meet Ms. Davenport, the owner of the cabin. She tells the boys about the legend of Dead-end Island, a place where something of great value was hidden by her family many years ago in the caves found there… caves that are dangerous and possibly deadly.

After a showdown with two local bullies, the boys are helped by Ms. Davenport’s grand-daughter, Karen, who later tells them that she found a mysterious key and a clue which talks about a map to the diamond’s location.

After the trio finds the map, they set off on this adventure truly believing they might actually find something of great value. Their adventure leads them to Dead-end Island and into the caves, with the two bullies not far behind. Can Ethan and Matt conquer their fears, escape the bullies, and finally find The Heart of the Island?

Release Date: 7th May 2020

Genres: Middle Grade, Adventure, Friendship, Mystery

Pages: 166

Thank you so much to author David Konrad for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Two kids on vacation find out the island has a fun mystery a missing diamond, known as the heart of the island. A girl they meet at the lake ropes them in in the mystery to go search the mines and find the lost diamond, that no one has found for years.

I loved the mystery of it with the town legend that is used to pull people in and give them something exciting to search for. It was interesting and I had no idea of how it would end at all. I loved that it took the boys on such a fun adventure for their vacation, they had some gong exciting to focus on and seek out.

I didn’t like any of the characters in this book at all, Ethan and Matt had a weird relationship and I didn’t get best friend vibes from them at all yet they were supposed to be. Just me and my perception I suppose but it just felt like something was missing in their relationship. Then Karen, Will and Jason were not that great either, though they weren’t fully supposed to make you like them but still. That was where the downfall came for me, I just didn’t like anyone, but the story was still great even so and that’s what matters most.

I really loved trying to solve the legend, figuring out where the diamond maybe, and was exciting reading about them in the mines, getting trapped there and the boys having to figure their way to getting out. It was really thrilling and interesting and kept me hooked in to the story.

I think it’s a great mystery adventure story that kids would really enjoy and find so exciting they’ll get swept right up into the mystery of the heart diamond just like the characters do. It was a really fun story to read.


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