Synopsis: A fun book for readers of all ages! Soon to be an 8 book series!


Maeve lives in the Kingdom of Springsmorn and longs to find her magic. As she goes on a search for it, she discovers a princess trapped under the spell of a mischievous pixie. In order to free her new friend, Maeve must brave the Rainbow River, Blossom Lagoon, and Pixie Hollow. Each part of her journey is more dangerous than the next, and time is running out. If Maeve can’t find help before the sun sets, her new friend will be stuck forever, and Maeve may never find her magic. Join Maeve on this magical journey that’s sure to engage even the most reluctant readers!

Release Date: 22nd October 2019

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Adventure, Mythology

Pages: 73

Thanks so much to author Amie Borst for the ebook to read and review.

Review: The second book in this sweet magical unicorn series and it was so sweet and beautiful, I really loved Maeve.

This story followed Maeve a unicorn who really wanted to find her magic but didn’t know where it was. As she finds a new friend stuck as a puddle she must go on a journey to find the things she needs to rescue her, unsure and scared she sets off on a mission.

I loved so much that her magic was part of her the whole time she just hadn’t realised and it was magical reading what she could do so easily without noticing how special she really was. It was seriously just so beautiful and pure, just as her character was.

This was such a beautiful story and I loved getting to meet Maeve and read her story and learning about other areas within this magical world of Avonlea, this land is filled with wonders we don’t even know yet which is so exciting.

This series is so perfect for young chapter book readers the story is easy and magical to get Into, the chapters are short and the language used is simple and easy, these are such beautiful books.

The illustrations are so pretty and I love seeing the unicorns and their friends come to life in pictures. I adore this series, the perfect escape to go to a magical world.

About Author: Amie Borst still believes in unicorns, uses glitter whenever possible and accessorizes in pink. She enjoys eating chocolate while writing and keeps a well-stocked stash hidden away from her family. A native New Yorker she currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, three children and a cute dog named Lily. She wishes she had a hot-pink elevator with carnival lights to travel the world. But for now, her minivan will have to do.


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