Synopsis: A secret wish. An impossible journey. Can Elle find the courage to face her fears?

It’s Elle’s birthday and all the unicorns on the Isle of Avonlea have come to the Kingdom of Summerstart to celebrate! When Elle blows out the candles on her birthday cake, she wishes for the impossible. She wants to see a snowstorm.

Fairy Princess Gardengrow grants her wish, but on one condition. Elle has to travel through Will-O’-the-Wisp woods which are rumored to be filled with spooks. Elle must find the courage to face her fears or her birthday wish will remain unfulfilled.

Join Elle on this magical journey!

Release Date: 23rd June 2020

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure, Friendship, Mythology, Magic

Pages: 138

Thank you so much to author Amie Borst for the ebook to read and review.

Review: The third book in this magical unicorn book series, it was really sweet and I loved seeing a different character one who knew her magic and purpose but was too afraid to leave it.

Elle’s birthday is always magical and fun for the unicorns and pegacorns of Avonlea but she has a wish so secret she doesn’t dare to tell anyone about it. But a special wishing candle gives her a magical fairy that must make it come true.

I didn’t enjoy this story as much as the other two I’d read previously, though it is still sweet and adorable. I loved how desperate she was for her wish, she just wanted to see something she felt was impossible to see, especially with her job post, being unable to leave it. Elle was such a sweeet and caring unicorn, everyone that met her fell in love with her sweetness and her personality.

This story had just the same magic, wonder and incredible friendship as the other two. It had a scary but exciting adventure that she must go on in order to get her dreams. I really love the way that Amie writes this series she does it with the magic touch and writes in such a beautiful way to help you escape to the this wonderful world.

If you have a unicorn lover that is reading chapter books this book and the entire series are all must reads, they are just so beautiful and magical. They also come with beautiful illustrations so you can see them come alive in the pictures.

About Author: Amie Borst still believes in unicorns, uses glitter whenever possible and accessorizes in pink. She enjoys eating chocolate while writing and keeps a well-stocked stash hidden away from her family. A native New Yorker she currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, three children and a cute dog named Lily. She wishes she had a hot-pink elevator with carnival lights to travel the world. But for now, her minivan will have to do.


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