Synopsis: Tansy is a fluffy fairy who is tired of getting teased by all the other fairies in her forest.Tansy seeks out the old fairy witch Granny Briar for help, and is sent on a journeyshe was not expecting. Will Tansy be afraid? Will she make any friends?Follow Tansy on her adventure to lily pad swamp to find out.

Release Date: November 2020

Genres: Fantasy, Picture Book, Adventure, Friendship

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Author MJ Spires and Netgalley for this ebook being available to read and review.

Review: This was so sweet, poor Tansy was not dainty like the other fairies and they made her feel bad about herself, wishing she was like them. Then Granny Briar her only friend sends her on an adventure where she soon learns more about herself than she expected.

This book is a really fun, easy read, the story is beautiful, I love that it was about a bigger fairy, her adventure was so cute and loved her new friend she met. I love that this is different to other fairy stories out there, it really makes it even more enjoyable.

The illustrations by Verdiana Pagnano are amazing and captured the story perfectly and help so much bring the imagination of the story to life.

If you know a fairy lover, or a child that feels a little different then this book is literally perfect for them. It’s such a beautiful story, easy and enjoyable to read and I recommend it.


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