Synopsis: Eleven-year-old Celdric Kane has only one simple wish: to find his parents. It doesn’t even matter that they are the most-wanted fugitives in history ever. Fortunately, like all children of Durkmyst Clan, he has seven chances to get the Golden Sphiere Leaf, a magical leaf that can grant even the most impossible birthday wish.

He finally gets his Golden Sphiere Leaf in his eleventh birthday. However, he has to use it to save his genius yet reckless little brother, Dyl Kane, which unfortunately makes his brother disappear into an unknown place in the World Beside—a world resided by fairies, gnomes, and even monsters.

Fortunately, Celdric gets an unexpected help from his eccentric grandmother. Then, together with his worrywart, secretive older sister, Sera Kane and an arrogant, cute monster, Feon, Celdric starts his journey to find and save his brother. He has to hurry, though. After all, there are others who are also hell-bent on finding his brother.

Release Date: 12th August 2020

Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure, Friendship, Mystery, Fantasy,

Pages: 190

Thank you to Author Nina Mofme who sent me an ebook copy to read and review.

Review: Unfortunately I just didn’t enjoy this story, I struggled to get into it and constantly was spreading a bit and then stopping to the point where I unfortunately gave up.

The story is interesting as it focuses on a magical realm and on Celdrics 11th birthday he receives a magical leaf that he can use to free his parents, however his brother causes trouble and finds himself into a whole new realm and he must use it to save him, with the help of his sister and their friend.

The other world is filled with monsters, fairies and gnomes opening up the world for the children as they explore trying to find his younger brother.

The idea of the story was really great and it could have been an amazing fantasy book, it had the starting point and a basic idea of being really incredible, but it didn’t read very well, it didn’t hold my attention and I just couldn’t manage to finish it.

Though just because I didn’t get into it, nor enjoy this book it honestly doesn’t mean that another reader out there won’t find it incredible. There’s a reader to enjoy every story, I just was not that reader for this book.


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