So before I post my reviews for the year I thought i’d do a small roundup of last year and some minor notices too.

So last year was a really good reading year, I read 83 books and found some new incredible worlds to explore. I hope you’ve had a chance to read all the reviews and find some books you now want to read. If you haven’t read my reviews you can look here for all of them.

Last year I set a reading goal of 30, and this year I have a reading goal of 30. I set it low so that I don’t have to stress over how many I read, I make it low and achievable and then see how many more after that I can manage to read. It makes reading more fun and less stressful that way.

Since around April last year I stopped taking review requests and I am currently still not taking any. I know people still sent me emails with requests all of last year and I assure you I will look at them, I am very sorry for the long delay some of you have waited for me to reply I will let you know soon yes or no.

There is an exception to my rule which is if you are an author I have worked with previously I will happily read another of your books, or if you are a publisher I have worked with previously I will happily work with you again.

If my review request rule changes I will be certain to post on here and let everyone know that I will accept emails again and will amend my what I read page to be up to date on exactly what I accept. But for right now I have too much going on and my reading time is limited.

I am so excited to head down another year of blogging and sharing the worlds in which I traveled so I hope you will all follow along with my little blog again this year and read my reviews on so many more incredible books.


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