Synopsis: Disney Princess Jasmine is nine years old. She has private tutors, fancy clothes, and even a pet tiger, but what she really wants is a friend her own age. When a royal from a nearby kingdom comes for a visit and brings his son, Jasmine is excited. But she and the boy don’t have much in common. But then, while on an exciting underground adventure, Jasmine meets the son of one of the palace workers. Will Princess Jasmine finally find a true friend?

Release Date: 5th September 2017

Genres: Disney, Princess, Friendship, Fantasy

Pages: 128

Review: Jasmine is bored being alone never aloud to leave the palace and having no one to ever play with, when her father is sent a chess set the two learn how to play together and she becomes excellent at it and uses the game to ask for a friend.

This was interesting I loved getting to see a younger jasmine stuck in the life she had, showing her lack of freedom and how much she longed for company and adventure. She had a lot of learning and adjusting to do within the story. I really like seeing stories of what the princesses would be like as children and how similar or dissimilar they are to what we know them as.

It was interesting seeing how she struggled to connect with her new friend at first having them not be exactly what she was expecting but not ever giving up as it meant so much to her to have a friend.

It was cute and I enjoyed reading the story, it was easy to read and I always love looking at the illustrations within the pages. This is such a sweet book series.

About Author: Suzanne Francis has been writing books for children since 2004. Before that she had many other jobs like magician’s assistant, deli clerk, summer camp counselor, and writing for television and film. She has written over 50 books including Judy Hopps and the Missing Jumbo Pop, Moana’s Big Leap, and Bruni’s Big Adventure. Suzanne spent her childhood on Long Island and now, as a mid-sized grown up, lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their two children, and a small zoo.

Follow her on instagram @authorsuzfran


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