Synopsis: ‘Delicious, dastardly and diabolically delightful’ JACK MEGGITT-PHILLIPS, author of THE BEAST AND THE BETHANY

Monsters + (secretly highly dangerous) doughnuts = all the ingredients for an explosively funny read!

Tenth-generation monster-hunter Grace has a unique way of bumping off monsters. She and her sister run a bakery, Cake Hunters, where they make fabulous creations full of a special exploding baking powder that will get rid of any troublesome monster!

And now Grace has a new and unlikely partner in crime – 360-year-old cyclops Mr Harris. They have a new and perilous mission from the Secret Service – to rid the city of a pesky Bottom-Biter who is causing havoc. If only Mr Harris would stop just eating the monsters and honing his advanced patisserie skills in Grace’s bakery, what a team they’ll make!

The Monster Glossary

Before you read the books why not learn all about the hilarious monsters from this world in the monster glossary:

Release Date: 20th January 2022

Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure, Humour

Pages: 256

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Thank you so much to Piccadilly Press for the copy to read and review for participating in this blog tour.

Review: What a fantastic sequel, this was so much fun. I loved every bit of it, from the continuation of Grace and Mr. Harris’ relationship, to the new monsters we meet and more exploration into the monsters world.

The bottom biter was seriously such a hilarious and genius creation and makes for so much humour that kids are honestly going to be giggling the whole time reading it. The whole teams big case was to track him down and explode him, though they find the case isn’t quite so easy especially with Mr. Harris being as he is.

I really enjoyed this sequel it was so creative and funny and entertaining. I loved the characters growth and the connections formed. I loved the amazing illustrations throughout the whole book with a detailed and an amazing monster encyclopaedia at the back. It was funny, witty, creative and such an enjoyable read.

If you are looking for a book that is easy to read, fun, whimsical and engrossing this is certainly that book, you’ll be whisked off into this amazing monster world instantly and will not stop reading until it’s over.

I’m really looking forward to the third book in the series advertised at the end, this series is so unique and creative I really so enjoyed the adventure.

Who Is Behind This Book

Author: Gianna Pollero was born and raised in Kent but also spent a considerable amount of her childhood in northern Italy, where the majority of her family live. She originally trained as a journalist and is currently a communications manager for a schools’ academy trust in Kent. In 2017, she completed the Curtis Brown Online Writing for Children course. MONSTER DOUGHNUTS is Gianna’s debut novel.

Illustrator: Sarah Horne grew up in Derbyshire, mainly under a snowdrift. She studied Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts and gained a Masters degree at Kingston University. Sarah lives in London and specialises in funny, inky illustration and words for children’s books.

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And don’t forget to purchase a copy for yourself or a loved one if you want a good story and a good laugh.


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