Synopsis: An adapted and illustrated edition of the Russian classic, at an easy-to-read level for all ages! When their parents die, sisters Olga, Masha and Irina are left to look after their beautiful family home. Each sister longs for more from life: Olga and Irina want to return to Moscow, while Masha is miserably married to a man she does not love. Then their brother, Andrey, marries the demanding Natasha, who is determined to make changes – and not for the better. Will the sisters be able to hold onto what they hold dear, or will they lose everything?

Release Date: 14th November 2021

Genres: Middle Grade, Classic, Classic Literature, Russian Literature, Family, Romance, Crime, Historical, Plays

Pages: 120

Review: This was really interesting and peaked my interest Russian literature is so fascinating to me personally but the books are usually so thick that it’s daunting and time consuming to read them in full, so I’m so happy that the easy classics collection offer up an easy read version of them.

It was sweet and I loved the family bond, the girls all had dreams but making them happen just wasn’t possible or easy after their parents had died. Their younger brother gets married to an awful and rude woman who thinks she is the boss of the house.

I really hated Natasha she was just an awful and cruel human. I felt so bad for Masha she rushed into her life and didn’t get her dreams. Irina just wanted to be back in Moscow but they could never make it happen which was so sad. Olga was the only one that seemed to have a better life being a teacher.

The ending shocked me gave me a total curveball and I didn’t see it coming at all and what a sad way to end a story too. I really enjoyed reading this and was heavily engrossed into it the whole time.

These books are just brilliant and I’ll say this on each one being able to read a classic book that’s been shortened, language changed so it’s more readable and given illustrations makes reading a classic book so much more fun and will help encourage younger readers to want to pick them up and see what they think of them.

About Transcriber: Gemma Barder lives in Market Harborough, Leicester, with her family and a mischievous cocker spaniel. She started life working in children’s and pre-teen magazines before moving into the world of publishing. She’s now a freelance writer full time and writes activity books, treasuries, novels and storybooks for children, as well as publishing her own magazine. Gemma writes a wide range of children’s books for Sweet Cherry, with more projects in the pipeline.


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