Synopsis: Pip’s just your average boy. He has no parents, lives with his scary sister and once met an escaped criminal on Christmas Eve – in the middle of a graveyard. Totally normal.

And things get even stranger when a mysterious stranger starts paying him loads of money. Sure, Pip’s loving his new life of luxury, but will he ever find out who’s paying the bills, and what they want from him in return?

About The Charles Dickens Children’s Collection:

Bah humbug! Who says the classics are just for adults? Join Ebeneezer Scrooge on his ghostly Christmas adventure, or follow orphaned Oliver Twist from rags to riches in some of literature’s most famous tales from the foggy streets of Victorian London.Adapted and illustrated for children aged 7+.

About Sweet Cherry Easy Classics:Sweet Cherry Easy Classics adapts classic literature into stories for children, introducing these timeless tales to a new generation.

Release Date: 6th July 2021

Genres: Easy Classics, Classics, Classic Literature, Crime, ahistorical, Romance, Friendship

Pages: 82

Review: The story of poor boy Pip who gets an opportunity of a lifetime but it doesn’t go so smoothly as he’d planned it to be. With help from someone unexpected, to finding a girl he once new to learning everything he could.

This was a really good version of the classic story, I did feel it was a little glazed over in certain parts of the story where they could have still gone in more depth, but it was still told really well and it was enjoyable.

These books will always be a great way of getting a classic story into younger readers hands and I love that. These story tell great story’s of an era long past from writers who are still talked about.


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